Sleepless Night

Sorry for using the same image from my article, published last year. I just don't have anything new on my own to illustrate my article for today.

Sorry for using the same image from my article, published last year. I just don’t have anything new on my own to illustrate my article for today.

I know that not every one of you is aware that I have trouble sleeping at night, and that I am not actually sleeping at night but instead every after midnight or sometimes every after three in the morning. No matter how I tried to make myself so tired for the whole day, I really wasn’t able to sleep earlier.

Lately, it’s getting even worse than it’s ever been before. I don’t know if it is because of the weather. It was a little warm at night and we haven’t air-conditioned at home. (Air-conditioned is not often used here in Czech Republic) therefore, we let our window open at night while sleeping so we at least have a little colder wind inside the bedroom, but the problem with open window are insect getting inside and died. It short, mess when we woke up. My sleeping problem is driving me really crazy and most of the time, it’s making me more depress because no matter how I wanted to sleep, I can’t. Last time, I asked my husband if we can go to doctor and ask prescription for sleeping pills. My husband disagrees with that idea of mine because he is convinced that once I tried it, then it will just get worst and will not be able to sleep without help of sleeping pills.

Every now and then, I am sleeping around four (4am) in the morning. The birds from the outside were starting to sing their lullaby even before I fall asleep. It’s seems to me that they wanted to help me sleep. (Giggling) but I just hope it is helping. I saw the light from the sky, a sign that the dark night is over and the morning sunshine will soon be there, but still my eyes are open and always waiting for it to be tired and finally get some sleep.

My day is in different timeline. Afternoon is my morning (waking up around 2pm-3pm), night is my afternoon (awake until after midnight and so on), and early morning is my night (sleeping around 2, 3-4 am). I wish some of you guys are not having this trouble, because it’s really harsh and exhausting!

One comment on “Sleepless Night

  1. I have been a night owl my whole life. It’s rare that I go to bed before 2 or 3 am. Anything earlier than midnight pretty much doesn’t happen. I’ve been sick lately so I’ve slept a little earlier but still not before midnight (except when I was worst and slept all day; then I actually took Unisom to make sure I slept through the night which did work but I was sleepy the next day). We don’t have AC either and I do think it can make it hard to sleep if it’s too warm (we do fortunately have ceiling fan and screens in the windows). Screens aren’t common in Germany either though. I have a friend who bought mosquito net like you can get for camping and velcroed it inside the window frame to make a ‘screen’. If you can get those things I’d try that to help with the bugs.

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