Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to thank Amanda from Overseas Adventures nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks, Amanda! If you’re not familiar with the award, the rules are here. Part of accepting this award is to give the award to 15 excellent bloggers, or I recently followed. Others might think that they don’t need this award at all, but for me it’s quite an achievement for me; and to pass this award, I have been looking again in my WordPress the list of those blogs I was following, (some from my email) and I hope I am doing it right. (No idea, how to do it exactly.)

The Versatile Blogger Award Goes To The Following:

1. Freedomborn… set free

2. The Traveling Circus

3. So where’s the snow.

4. Free Range Kids

5. Where’s my backpack?

6. Out-of-the-Blue Danube

7. Dancing with Fireflies

8. One Mans Opinion

9. Love, Life and Relationships

10. Run a Mile in These Shoes

11. Toi & Moi Photography-Capturing Life’s Meaningful 

12. The Lost Years of Aileen

13. Ankita’s Diary

14. Chika with Yeneyes

15. Love 2 Type

I will also be posting 7 things about myself to the person who nominated me (Giving me the award).

1. I am a married Filipina, living here in Czech Republic.

2. I’m pursuing to study Czech language in order to communicate with locals, and my in-laws. I also wanted to study more, and as much as possible faster, because it’s I really needed to be more independent in this country.

3. I always wanted to have friends, but I am usually being misunderstood before I get one; which is funny.

4. I am unemployed, and one thing that is making my day busy is writing.

5. I love to travel, and explore new surrounding, and environment.

6. I am actually very soft type of woman, who can actually cry while watching lonely, and sad scene in a movie.

7. I am expecting to be pregnant, hopefully before end of the year; right now, trying to be a better person, and best wife for my husband.

Once again, I would like to say thank you to Amanda! I really do appreciate this award, and I also wanted to thank you for stopping by all the time to my page to read. Thank you again.

To other readers, thank you so much!

8 comments on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Hi Anicka good to hear from you again, we have lost touch but as I replied to you on my Blog thank you for nominating me for the Versatile Blog Award, I already have this Award although I have yet to Post it but will do so in the near future… how did you go with the Awards I nominated you for, I did check then but as I believe we should not have pressure with Awards, I thought perhaps like me you wanted to post them later or did you miss my comment, I will check again.

    I was told that we can only receive this Award once by another Blogger the same as some other Awards but I’m not sure if this is true now because I can’t see where it tells us this in the rules I never checked them before, I didn’t know you could, I just believed this Blogger as she was telling others the same thing, perhaps she believed it was true herself.

    But when I do Post this Award I will also thank you for nominating me and nominate you again 😀

    Thank you and many blessings – Christian Love Anne

    • Hello Anne,
      I am fine. I am actually not much checking my page and only posting, then exit the page again. Anyway, about the award. 😀 I am also a little confused, and don’t know.what to do,because I haven’t read in the rules that you cannot send it to anyone who already recieved the award. Perhaps, there isn’t such rules. So I decided to pass the award to those blogger whose I am following. I wanted to send it back to Amanda who gave me the award, but as I saw on her page. She didn’t return the award to the one who gave it to her aswell. So I decided to just pass. 🙂

      So by the way how are you? Hope.that everything is doing well.

      Best regards,

  2. Hi again Anicka, we are fine alough we still have hacker problems but seeking to resolve them ,and we just got back from holidays but sadly Missy one of our dogs died but she will always be in our heart so we are not far apart.

    As for the Award that I nominated you for the Link is below but I was also going to nominate you for the Versatile Blog Award too and a few others when I posted them. I find people dont always respond, not just to mine but others too, perhaps they haven’t the time.or they missed the comment advising them they were nominated, I’m not sure but you may have been away at the time. I really appreciate others kindness in nominating me when there is no pressure attached.

    Blog post –

    Christian Love Anne.

    • Oh, I haven’t notice that you nominated me for that kind of award. Thank you so much. 😀 I really do appreciate. And sorry to hear about your dog. 😦
      Other people just sometimes didn’t notice immediately, that is why they never respond. 🙂 But others just does not care about awards,,

      God Bless,

  3. You’re welcome. Good luck on the language learning. I really need to get better with learning German. I understand more now than I did before but I’m still lost a lot of the time. I hope you will be able to find friends soon as it can get lonely being on your own. I do not really have friends here either. I was unemployed for about a year (finally got a job in June) and that was one thing that kept me busy as well. I love to travel also. I can cry pretty easily as well. Good luck on the pregnancy 🙂

    • You just make me so excited when you said “Good luck to pregnancy”. 😀

      I practice more on listening now, than reading so I will be able to adopt words by locals. I am also lost most of the time, sometimes I felt hopeless but there are also times which I had that feeling that I more getting used to it, which is pretty cool!
      We have new friends from the neighborhood, We invited them for dinner few days after our trip from Budapest, Hungary. I just didn’t have chance to write more about that 🙂 It was nice, they both speak english, not so much but enough to understand each other. Which I am glad!

      Best regards,

      • 🙂

        Cool. Yeah that is a good idea. When I have a little spare money I plan to get some DVDs or BluRay that are in German with English subtitles so I can practice hearing the German. I have been listening to some songs I know in English in German version also.I also want to get some children’s books to practice with reading soon as well.

        That’s cool that you have new friends and they speak some English also.

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