You call me a friend only when you need something.

Have you ever felt being used by someone in order for them to get what they want? Are you feeling so bitter now, because you realized that they only call you as a friend only when they needed something from you? As a matter of fact, they only show when they want something, ask about something, or let’s say “Need Help?  Many people do such things in order to get what they want, whether it is unfair acts or not. Well, you are not alone experiencing that situation.

Being a person without so much friends around, you will become so sensitive, and very much observant into how people acts around you. This time, you will realize how many person only tried to fool you, as they knew they are not what you can call true friend after all. They are those people who only knew how to take advantage of your kindness, and willingness to help other people in need, because you know and you understand how bad it is to be in their situation of being confused. Those are people who are disappearing when you needed them, and those who shows up when they needed you! Have you know some?


I knew a lot, and that is the reason why I am writing this right now. I am just a person who learned many things about friendship. I am the one they can always turn into; whether it is bad or good. I am just always ready, open-minded, willing to help, willing to give advises, willing to share with your grief, willing to comfort, willing to laugh and mostly willing to cry with those who are my friends. I just act the way I am, and let me tell you; being good doesn’t mean you’ll have always something good in return. You need to expect something opposite or mostly do not expect at all! People are just too complicated to please.Well, life is full of so much strangers who comes and goes. Some enters and leaves and put a mark in your life, and some leaves without seeing the shadow they once had. People knew how to play and make fool of you, so you better not be so soft because if you do; they’ll tear you up into pieces without you knowing it.

Although, you knew you are a great person! You will find someone who deserve your kindness; someone who will never tried to abuse nor take advantage of you. You’ll just have to wait until they shows up, in the right time. As they said, it is better to wait for a while than to rush things and ended up to nothing. We all have time, not for long but surely enough to wait for the right person to be called our real friend.

Hezky Den!


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