Bring good grades and you’ll get free ice cream!

We went to restaurant today for lunch, but while we were waiting for the food to be served; I observed that there are many kids running around in the restaurant entrance, and giving  some small piece of papers to the waitress who is assigned. I wondered why is that, but I didn’t mind to ask my husband. Few minutes right after the first batch of kids left, there were another who arrived and like the previous ones; they did the same. They were giving again paper to waitress and then waitress is giving them ice cream. Then there are also other children gave their papers to waitress with their parents. Since I cannot hold my curiosity no more, I did asked my husband.

For first he doesn’t have any idea too, but right after we ate the food,we looked at the board located at the entrance of the restaurant says, “If you have good grades, you’ll get free ice cream”. My husband realized that it is the last day of this school year. So that means, paradise for all kids in the city. They are all around the city today and looking for some free stuff, food or drinks. (Giggling) Kind of cool, because in the supermarket, kids were also running around for free ice tea.

My husband told me, “Maybe you should also bring your report card and show it to them. They will also give you free food, drinks, etc.” (He was just making fun from me.)

Then I realized; in the near future I will encourage my future children to study harder so they’ll get free ice cream too. (Kidding) Well, I think no matter how bad they will be in the school; I will still buy them ice cream. It is just fun that it looks like everyone is encouraging kids to study hard, and get good grades in different ways, as possible!

Hezky Den!!! ♥♥♥


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