His little wife has little simple dreams

We all are facing different stages in our life. Me as a wife, I’ve seen the different stage I have been  through. For first, I was a simple newbie housewife, who only stays at home, learned everything about the marriage life, learned new things, and have some fun with lovely husband. Now, I can finally say, I am off to the new stage of life. An active, and healthy life!

The Dreamer!

The Dreamer!

Lately, I have been realizing that I am not that kind of woman anymore. A woman who has a boring life without my husband around. I was doing my household chores, sat in front of the television, opened my net-book, used Facebook, learn a little Czech language, write article, exercising, and waited until dark fall then go to bed and slept. These are how my whole day circling around; until last month I just became more responsible, and I just can’t hold on few minutes without doing anything useful. Last month, I thought about earning cents by myself, I thought about how to not just sit the whole day in front of Television, I thought about how do I use my day more like a wife, and more like a person who is living her life using all the energy, and talent at the same time. I thought about waking up in the next morning, with excitement to finally start fulfilling one of my dream. I just didn’t think about all these things; I actually did! I started my own way to earn at least a cent while I am home. (I am still working on it, but hoping one of this days; it will actually bring me cents.) I don’t feel bore at all, and at the same time I started to see myself without so much interest into watching.  I am finally there! I felt like I am doing great, and that I am useful again; that my life has meaning, and that being a housewife doesn’t mean “My world will just go circling around in each and every corner of the house”; but one thing I like the most of it is that, I am getting there, and being a matured wife while still having a great life with my husband. In all of these changes, I am glad that I have all the support I needed the most. “My husband’s support.” 

He’s been there all the way. From the very beginning of that idea, until we both worked on it, and make it happen. He’s been very supportive. He even downloaded so many of programs I needed for my projects and bought me the best equipment which I need.

Canon Powershot S90. Our old camera. We are still keeping it even if the new ones will arrive soon.

Canon Powershot S90. Our old camera. We are still keeping it even if the new ones will arrive soon.

You are probably wondering what I am trying to imply here. (Giggling) Well, all I am saying is that; I am here starting my new project, and it keeps me going every day. I am excited to wake up, and do things right. (Which is why I am happy) All I am thinking this days is to finally make myself busy, do something matured, think about the future, make myself happy in every minute of the day, get rid of unnecessary activities like spending so much time using Facebook and sitting in front of the television. I just wanted to make my life worth living. Although, I am still doing some of my activities from before like writing articles, exercising, learning Czech language, and hangout with my loving husband. I must say “My day is more active now!” 

Yesterday, I got my Kindle. Why? My husband and I are both reading information through internet about the project which I am involved. We have this idea, that Kindle will be useful for us, because we sometimes are traveling and we can still read and got information we needed while away from our computer. Last night, I downloaded some eBook so I can start reading and gather some details that will help me improved my skills in Photography. Well, I must say I am really enjoying the company of my new friend ( aka. Kindle)  

My new friend "Kindle"

My new friend “Kindle”

If I will get all necessary details for my project, then maybe I’ll by more Love Stories in Kindle store. (Giggling) Not bad idea at all. You know, I also needed some inspiration for my love life with my husband of course. (Blushing)

Next week, I will get my new camera. Yes! My husband and I finally decided to invest new camera for this project, and well, it is not so cheap investment for what I needed to achieve with this. Lenses are so expensive, and some other accessories. We already ordered specialized lenses, and it will also arrived next week. I am excited! Every day, I am thinking about so many ideas of what to photograph; every night I am also start dreaming about all these stuffs, which is kind of funny. Honestly? I am so desperate to enjoy my hobby while earning a few cent, and I just don’t care if it will take so much time to do so. I am willing to wait, and I know I have lots of good and professional competitors, but who knows? Maybe, I will be able to sell more than they are selling. (Kidding) I am just too excited and I realized that; it is really enjoyable and that what’s matter most for me and my husband.

I am willing to do it, hoping for the best success. It is just another reason to wake up in the next morning full of dreams, and goals; I wanted to achieve. I am very thankful that my husband is helping me with this. He always shows me how far he is willing to help. He gives me so many ideas, helping me find good deal with material I need.

Now I am in this stage of life “Dreaming for the better success”. 

3 comments on “His little wife has little simple dreams

  1. Awesome! Glad you’re taking steps in the right direction. I am starting new stages in my life also. I *finally* got to start a job here and just enrolled in my first grad school classes the other day (I am going back to school to get an MA in Counseling Psychology). I still prefer regular books to the Kindle but it is definitely useful when you’re out and about. I like Canons. I have a Powershot also, the SX230 HS which my husband got me for Christmas. Have fun with the photography. You might want to try doing the Photo a Day challenge which gives you a daily prompt if you need some inspiration.

    • I would love to try Photo A Day Challenge. 🙂 I got some regular books too, but when traveling,,, Kindle is pretty much have good advantage, because it has long lasting battery, and fit in just hand bag.. (I am a little bit of lazy when traveling and needs to carry heavy books) At least Kindle is almost weightless, and small. 😀

      • You should 🙂 Yeah I usually take it with me if I know I am going to be waiting like an an appointment or if I’m with my husband when he runs errands he doesn’t need me to go in for. I may also take it when we travel but we usually only go for the day or overnight somewhere and I’m too tired to bother reading lol.

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