Friendly Relationship.

I wrote the article in titled “List to Learn” right after our trip to Budapest, Hungary. If you all noticed now there are two among these list which are now marked as “Done”. Last time I wrote about how I made my first ever baking, as successful ones and on the other hand, we also made new friends in our neighborhood. How this happened?

Here it is. Since we moved in our new place, we always have encounter with the couple of living next door. My husband had a little chat with the guy, because he is kind of friendly to everyone. So there the conversation started. He was the one who put name in our ring down the building, and he is also one of the officer looking after those people living here. Every time we see each other on the hall, they often have a little talk, and then there was the time I saw his girlfriend living with him. I never tried to interfere to their conversation because I thought, they don’t speak English at all. So when they were talking on the hall, I just listen, smile and whatever! (Giggling) All of the sudden, we decided to break the seal! We all were so formal to each other until we arrived from Hungary. We accidentally crossed to each other’s path, while we were at the shopping mall at around 5pm. My husband was kind of so excited so he just invited them the same day at around 9 in the evening. I was shocked even though they were speaking using Czech language; I kind of understand and I knew my husband invited them at 9 in the evening which I wasn’t prepared, the house wasn’t prepared too.(Giggling)

When everyone agrees, we continue walking and I asked my husband “Why tonight, we have just four hours to do it. We need to shop for meat, our home isn’t clean yet, and obviously not ready for visitors; and by the way who will cook?”

Oh well, that was the most funny scenario that day. We both are not good in cooking, and so we were arguing who will cook, but then again I am the one who is responsible that day! (Giggling) I told my husband; he will be the one to clean while I am cooking, but he instead went to shower, and I did all the task. Oh dear, I didn’t knew it was that complicated to have first visitor from the neighborhood. That feeling that you wanted to make everything perfect, because your desperate in having a good friendship relationship to people around you.

Back to the story. So instead of doing our plan to walk at the park that day, we moved our asses to the supermarket, and buy some food to cook, and anything for drinks and desserts. We went back home around 7pm and I started to clean, while of course my husband didn’t knew what to do so he just turned on his computer and sat there and checked his work. (Giggling) I am so much pressured, and stress and then I heard my husband saying “I’m going to shower”. I was like, “Oh okay, want to be so fresh huh! Well, I’ll continue cleaning here. Enjoy the shower.”

That was kind of ironic. (Giggling) You know,  pressure was there and I don’t know what to do exactly. I did all the chores, and I didn’t even had a chance to take shower before they came.

So continue. So they arrived at exactly 9 in the evening as we scheduled it. My husband introduced me to our guy friend next door, and then the guy introduced his girlfriend to me. I don’t have any idea if I should shake his hand first or her hand first. Awkward! confusion was on! They handed to my husband a present (Champagne). When guy started to greet me in English, I was pretty much surprised and I suddenly say, “Wow, they speak English”. Then the guy said, “Yes, of course.”

My husband started to show them around, and I was in the kitchen started the cooking. They were impressed because  we have bigger home, and they liked our Tv. Afterwards, we all ate but I think I made the food so spicy. (Giggling) The guy liked it, but the his girlfriend; she isn’t much into spicy food. (Well, good to know for the next time) So, after everyone ate we moved back to the living room and talked about many things; that includes my poor ability to swim. (Giggling)

While we were chit-chatting, we decided to go to their home to take a look around for a while. They have cute home! We spent like about 30 minutes to their home and we went back to ours and continue to chat. My husband was so eager to show them some of our travel photos, which wasn’t prepared and selected. (So many of them, sometimes in multiple shots) So I wasn’t sure if they enjoyed it, maybe they got bored. (Giggling) What I am sure about was, they enjoy looking to these photos from our trip to Boracay Island in the Philippines.

The whole night was about laughing and getting to know each other well. Our new friends were both comfortable to our home,(which was the most important) and I guess they enjoyed chit-chatting with us; and so the night ended and they went to their home at pass 12 midnight.

So that was the story about how we got our first friends in the neighborhood. 🙂

Sorry about the writing. I’m so confused how to exactly share it! 

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