1st Anniversary as a Non-Smoker!

Most people says, it is impossible to quit smoking in just one snap of fingers. Well, I will disagree with that! I am not saying it is easy to do, but don’t agree to the word “Impossible”. My husband quit smoking last year 2011 same day of July 13th. Here is the article I wrote last year 2011 about the story how, and why he quit smoking Cigarette down! In the name of love.

From the very first day my husband quit smoking, I was there watching almost every movement he made. I was checking him often; his breath, his fingers, etc. I just want to make sure that he isn’t doing it, while I am not around. He tried to ask me if he can light-up at least one cigarette to just try what taste it will be since he quit already; but I never let him do that! I knew once I’ll let him try one, then he will ask me for another next time. Days, weeks, months had passed, he forgot almost everything about cigarette. He is happy to whatever changes he made to himself. Although, he gain weight since he stopped smoking, but he never let himself become worse. Instead of smoking, he focused his attention into new hobby, “Exercising”. He bought all the equipment he needed, and every protein shake that will help him to build muscle instead of fats. He filled up our extra bedroom with all of these equipment so he can have place to do exercising.

Whenever he sees in the news about smoking, he is always glad that he managed to quit, and that he is thankful of me for being so hard on him, for the support I have given to him, for every each day I became tough so he’ll not try to light up one. He is glad that he can seat inside the restaurant with “NO Smoking”sign. He is proud of himself, so do I.

He often received compliments from family member and his friends, about him quitting. They knew the fact that, he was smoking since he was teenager. They never thought he will!

What are the advantage of being Non-Smoker? Well, we have plenty of time to cuddle, instead of going in and out to our balcony only to smoke. He paid so much attention on making me the most happy wife. He isn’t so nervous, impatient but instead he often have good mood. He is healthy, and I will not have deep anxiety, that he might be sick in the future because of smoking. He is more active, and he sleeping well this days; and the most important is that; he always realized how much he loves me given the fact that one of the reason why he quit is because of “Love”.

If there is a person who is grateful of his success, that is me! Because I know that he is healthy, and he wouldn’t catch any serious sickness caused by cigarette. So here is it now. It is his first year of being a non-smoker! Congratulations, and I am a proud wife! You set an example to everyone. Keep it up.

People only need courage, motivation, help, and support from their love ones. Yeah! It is!. If you are really serious about quitting, then do it now! Not tomorrow, not in the other day, not next week or next month, but right now! Do it while you still have chance to do so! Do it while it isn’t too late! Do it if you care about those people who cares about you!

Hezky Den,


3 comments on “1st Anniversary as a Non-Smoker!

  1. Great story of overcoming addiction ,some of us have been down that track,and its no fun. Good on you for being there for him .WE all need those who encourage,and support.


  2. Hi Anika, this was the one Ron answered not me that was how I got confused but Ron got it right, I remember now after reading again your first Post about it, anyway how great that your hubby no longer smokes. Ron helped me give up smoking 32 years ago and I was smoking 40 a day, how wonderful that your hubby had your support, as Ron said we all need those who encourage and support us.

    Sorry again for the mix up and well done to both of you.

    Christian Love Anne.

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