Non-smoker Celebration

Friday the 13th happened to be my husband first year as Non-smoker. When I woke up that day, it seems to me that my husband couldn’t remember that it was his one year as a Non-smoker; so while I was putting out plates from the dishwasher I told him the word “Congratulations”. He was a little bit confused, so I didn’t want to make it more hard for him to think about what I am pertaining to. I told him that it is his one year as a non-smoker, and his face just light-up and smile just appeared that he couldn’t believe. He asked me multiple times, “Really, it’s one year today?”

Happy Husband

Happy Husband

When I said yes, he was so happy and says, “Yee,,, wow this need a celebration. I couldn’t imagine it will be one year, I even forgot about that. I will meet the guys tonight (Two brothers, and his Dad) and I will drink few cocktails with them, maybe Mojito; then weekend will be just you and me to Prague. We will celebrate! Then next week we will go to Vienna (Austria) and we will spend money, shop, and enjoy. This is going to be just wonderful! “

He is very happy, and even before he go to meet the guys that night, he has so much energy, full of life, and smile on his face just couldn’t hide the happiness. I am happy for him.

So when he went out to meet the guys, I turned-on volume of my mobile phone, because I was kind of busy doing my photography and I doubt that,  if my phone would be in silent mode, my husband would be so upset, if I won’t respond to any of his text messages. Few minutes after he left, my phone beep. It was his message asking how am I, and what am I doing.

We were exchanging text messages while he was away, until I noticed that it was almost every five-minutes. (Giggling) Asking almost the same question; which means he has a little alcohol in him. (Giggling) He wasn’t drinking beer, so he said he just have Mojito. Well I guess a lot of these Mojito turns him to a very sweet husband.

He went back home in time. He was happy and he hugged me when he arrived home. He says he missed me, and he loves me so much. (Blushing)

It was really nice to see him very happy in this kind of success. He said he has doubt that he would make it, but as time passed-by, he even forgot all stuff he think he would miss about cigarette. He was cuddling me the whole night; he never want to be away from me. So before 2 in the morning, we headed to bedroom, and rest, because we are going to spend weekends in Prague together.

3 comments on “Non-smoker Celebration

  1. Congrats to him on the one year. My husband quit for a few months but started again. I am hoping he’ll quit again. I’m pretty sensitive to the smoke and end up coughing whenever he comes in after a cigarette (although I am glad at least he smokes outside). Plus of course it’s bad for the health.

    • Too bad! He should try again. 🙂 but you know, I kind of understand him, because I saw my husband suffer a lot before he has this success. It was difficult, even for me. You know checking if he’s been smoking secretly, but I am glad he made it.

      But I hope your husband would stop really soon, because its bad for health, and yeah… smell of smokes is always unpleasant.

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