Vienna, Austria

Like we planned during my husband’s first year as a non-smoker; we visited Vienna, Austria ( the capital and largest city in Austria;  for second time) to spend our weekend. We hit the road last Friday, July 20 at nearly 12:30 in the afternoon. It was three hours from Jihlava to Vienna.

A photo from our last year visit to Vienna, Austria

A photo from our last year visit to Vienna, Austria

The weather was a little bit  cloudy when we arrived to Vienna. It was nearly 4:30 in the afternoon when we decided to go at the city center to shop, because it was impossible to look around in some interesting places because it was about to rain.  My husband and I found really good deal for branded stuff in the shopping mall in the city center (Stephansplatz).  (Mondays-Fridays closing at 8:00pm, Saturday closing of mall and shop at 6:00pm and every Sunday are totally closed)

There are discounts everywhere, and my husband finally found something for himself. There are Armani, Calvin Klein, etc. and then we both noticed that he has almost complete stuff and I don’t have any for myself. (Giggling) (I guess he is the one to be called Shopaholic now) Therefore, my husband insisted that I should try one of the Armani ladies shirt, so I grabbed one and try it on. It was kind of cute, and so I finally have one for me; when we went to look around there was this announcer (announcing something in German language) which I did not understand what was all about. My husband says, the shop are closing, so we have to pay my shirt before it’s too late. Yeah, they are closing so early, even if there are still so many people shopping. They probably don’t care. (Giggling)

Maybe some of you are thinking that I was upset to not have much stuff; well, believe it or not; I wasn’t upset at all, because my husband finally enjoyed shopping, and I am very grateful that he liked his new stuffs. (which is very unusual, because he doesn’t like to shop much)

So when we went back to our hotel, we decided to get some rest earlier because we are planning to spend the whole next day to visit some interesting places, like gardens, palace,  park, do photography so I can add them into my portfolio, but before we even got the chance to rest; I was sad, and there I felt like talking about some of my past anxiety, these things and people who burden me. I got so upset, and then I started the discussion about my family whom I missed so much. I was probably homesick!

My husband tried to comfort me, and kept on saying “It’s okay”. Then I told him, we really have to rest because my tears are about to fall. (Giggling) I always want to hide it from him, because he often treats me like a baby, then after that he’ll laugh because I look so cute when crying. (Giggling)

The next morning, we left the hotel and ended up to this place called “Karlsplatz”. We spent sometime walking, until we noticed that the weather is again becoming so unfriendly; so we looked around and find some restaurant where we can  sit and eat.

The Opera House Vienna, Austria. Near the restaurant where we ate.

The Opera House Vienna, Austria. Near the restaurant where we ate.

After we ate, we decided to go back to the hotel because we didn’t bring our jackets. Obviously it was a little colder, because of strong wind and rain shower. When we arrived at hotel, we talked if we are going to see good places or go shopping again. (Weather was kind of bad to us, so impossible for walking, and exploring the city attractions) So we both agreed to just shop, and maybe next time we will go back again to Vienna and make sure we will explore the places. (Giggling)

So when we arrived at the center, we went to shop where they are selling shoes. (you know girls) I bought a pretty shoes for 100 Euro, and I love it so much. It was comfy, and I am contented.

As we stepped out of that shop, we stopped by to another shop and looked around. I found this black dress so I tried it on in the fitting room. While I was trying it, my husband kept saying “Wow, you definitely need to buy that. You look great with that dress.” So I took it to the counter but my husband told me to look more for other stuff they are offering. So I said yes! Few minutes, and my husband told me to try this long-sleeved shirt. So I went back to fitting room to try it and again, “Wow, you are so sexy. How about some jeans or skirt with that?” 

Well, I definitely took it, because my husband seen me more sexy than ever! (Giggling) So I looked back again and my husband was helping me find some skirt or jeans that would fit to that long-sleeved shirt. I tried this a little shiny black jeans with that, and like the expression he kept on saying; he liked it! So I took it, and brought to the cashier.

As we stepped out at the shop, my husband kept telling me, “These are the clothes that suits you so much. A little expensive but that doesn’t matter at all. You look fabulous. I am really excited to see you wearing it.” Out of curiosity, I asked to my husband which one is his favorite. He says, everything! (Giggling)

Photo taken at the Hotel. That dress was the one I bought, and the shoes, and that stocking.

Photo taken at the Hotel. That dress was the one I bought, and the shoes, and that stocking.

As I observed , my husband was also enjoying the shopping mode. After I bought these dress, jeans, and shirt; we went to that shopping mall (which is now his favorite, because it was wide and cosey) He again bought another shirt from Calvin Klein brand. I asked why he needed one more and he respond to me with this, “Because I am totally undress, if you would wear your new clothes. I want to look great too. Maybe, I also need jeans.” So as we again picked another semi-formal shirt for him, we went to the third floor for some ladies bags. I wanted to buy just one, but it was hard to choose between the two ( Armani bag vs. DKNY bag/ also known as Italy vs New york)

I was asking my husband’s opinion but he seems to have hard time picking which one will be good for me, because both has advantage, and they are both cute. So when a woman who was assisting costumer in that ladies bad section asked me which one I pick; My husband told her “It was a hard decision for her. She doesn’t know what to do.” 

I was laughing, and then my husband suggested me to take both of them. I said not, but he said that we will probably spend hours if we will not buy both of them so I gave it to that woman who are assisting costumer and I said, “I choose both”.  

The lady (assistant for that section) said, “Are you sure? Have you seen the prices?” My husband was looking at me, and smiling. I knew what was in his mind, so I smiled back at him. Then I respond to the lady, “Yes, we will take both.” 

The ladies bags I was talking about.

The ladies bags I was talking about.

So she checked the prices again, and then asked me one more question, “So definitely both?” and again I respond, “Yes, both”

She asked me that she will bring the bags to the first floor, so I should just go there whenever I want to pay. (very nice of her) When my husband and I were done to that section; my husband was curious why the lady kept asking me if I was sure about buying both of bags. Well, no idea!

When we went to the second floor of the mall, my husband asked me to buy blazer for dress, just in case it will be colder and I don’t have any jacket that will suit with it. So I tried one black blazer, and then paid to the cashier. On the same floor, my husband went to Armani section and looked for Jeans. He found one, and he was happy with the price, so he bought it. Then we went to Salamander shop, and he bought leather shoe.

After shopping we went to hotel, rest a little, took shower, and went to dinner.

The rest of the day was just about wandering around the city center. I saw again a man who’s always singing a song. He has brilliant voice, and I was always eager to give him euros. That time, I finally gave him something, and i was happy and contented! I said, “Now, I can have peace in my mind, and I will be able to sleep really good.”

My husband was just looking at me, and then he said that I have a good hearth, and that if I will not give him Euro, I’ll be sad again. Well, I think he is right, I just have a little soft hearth.

Before we return to the hotel, we bought a little of something for his friend who was driving us to Vienna, and some souvenir alcohol to remember. After some time, we decided to head back to hotel; then before we sleep, my husband asked me if I am happy with our weekend trip. Well, of course I am! We have so much fun, and we were singing under the rain, while on the way to the hotel. (Giggling) I also said that it was great because he finally shop stuff for himself. Something he will never regret, because these are his favorite brands.

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