The Versace Shirt Story

Every single thing has its own story. That is what I believed ever since I was a little child. Now, I think it is time to tell the story of a Versace shirt I got last July 16, 2012.

Versace Lady Shirt

Versace Lady Shirt

At the age of 16, my husband started small business with one of his cousin. At that age he got chance to travel and enjoy his life using the money he was receiving from his hard work. So, because it was successful my husband and his cousin traveled in Canary Island (they said it is still part of Spain) with his cousin. To make the story really short, before going back to Czech Republic, he went to shop something for his mother. He didn’t know what to buy for her, because he doesn’t know much about woman, woman’s size (in clothes) so let say that was his first time to buy for woman. When he saw the Versace t-shirt for lady (Original) he bought it. Given the fact that he didn’t even consider the size so much.

When he arrived to Czech Republic, he gave it to his mother. She tried it on, but it was little small for her. From that day, his mother kept it, and wishing that someday; she’ll be able to finally wear. Months, years, has passed and she never had a chance to wear the shirt.

So at the age of 24 when her son met a woman (me), got married, live with his wife. Nobody knows, and nobody remembers about the Versace shirt; until his mother opened it up. She said she wanted to give the shirt to his wife (me). She said, she kept it for long hoping that someday she’ll be able to put it on and wear, but it is probably time to let it go and give it away.She doesn’t want to give to anyone else (according to his mother).

My husband is now 26 years old and in few months he will be 27. (10 years since the Versace t-shirt was bought)

So when we came back from our weekend trip in Prague last July 15, we were invited to dinner in my mother in-laws home. We spent like two hours, and we went back to our own home, to rest from a long travel. When we arrived home, my husband immediately received a phone call from his mother. She told him that she forgot to give me tričko (Czech word for t-shirt). So since I forgot about that, I asked again; “What t-shirt”. Then he explained to me, that she wanted to give that shirt to me.

At that night, we never talked so much about t-shirt. Maybe because I was so tired and really needed a nap; so I haven’t asked the story of the t-shirt that his mother never wears.

The next day, July 16, 2012; we were at home, when suddenly my husband mobile phone rang (call from his mother). She asked if she can stop by for like 30 minutes with my husband’s niece, but she never said why. So of course we are glad to have visitors just that time we don’t have anything to offer yet, because we haven’t shop anything because we just arrived a night before that day (Giggling) So after few minutes, the door bell rang. It was her, and my husband’s beautiful niece.

We were taking photos all together, and we also photographed his niece. Before they left our home; she grabbed her bag, and she hand the t-shirt to me. I was still confused what was that, so when I looked at it, it was the Versace shirt. Of course I said  “Thank you”. 

She told me to try it on, because she wanted to see how it fit on me. So I ran into our bedroom and changed my shirt. I showed it to them, and she said it fits really well to me, specially the curve of my body from the back was obvious (according to both of them). I can’t handle compliment like that so I became shy again. (Giggling) Then my mother in-law said “it was a special gift from her son” (my husband).

Then they started talking in Czech which I badly understand everything. So I waited until, they left and I asked my husband what was all about.

He said “I was telling her, that I can’t imagine that I was buying that for my wife.” His mother agreed about that statement. So my husband explained to me everything. He said he bought that for his mother, but it was small, and she never wears it. After so long time, who can imagine that he will met a woman, my size. Then, his mother gave it me, so definitely, it was even before, meant to be for me. That is why he said he can’t believed that he  bought it for his wife.

It was touching story for me. I mean, he was 16 years old when he gave it to her, and my mother in-law kept it. Never gave to anyone. and after 10 years here it is, with me.

Well, can you imagine my husband bought this Versace shirt 10 years ago?

Well, can you imagine my husband bought this Versace shirt 10 years ago?

My mother in-law is also a believer of true love, and destiny, also a words for meant to be. and she kept saying it was us. Who can believed that a simple Versace shirt is also meant to be part and included in our love story.

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