Let’s bake some muffin.

Baking is now one of my hobbies; the reason why I have been searching recipes over the internet and perform it. I am so eager to learn things, which I am not good at. First time I did baking was this called “Rice cake” (Filipino food also known as Puto), which was almost ready ingredients in one box. Few weeks back , I searched through the internet how to make “Muffin” from scratch. I finally found one, easy and only plain for a good start.

Since I so much wanted to make it. I once ran to grocery store, and left my husband at home exercising. It was raining, but it doesn’t matter at all. All I wanted was to buy all the necessary ingredients. So afterwards, I headed back to home and started to prepared the muffin. I was so careful, because it was the first time; I wanted to make it perfect and as much as possible eatable!

In the help of recipe, I made it perfect. Soft, and the color was just fine. My husband was in his diet that moment, but late at night; I saw him grabbed the muffin box from the fridge, sat on the comfortable chair, and yeah! He ate almost everything! Which I am very flattered about!

My husband, eating the muffin I baked. I think he was having fun watching while eating

My husband, eating the muffin I baked. I think he was having fun watching while eating

The first attempt in baking muffin from the scratch was absolutely successful. I was glad that it didn’t actually go to waste. So last week, my husband was planning in going to another city, for business meeting with his brother and friend.

When he arrived home from work, he was asking me if I can bake muffin for them; so they will have something to eat on the way. I only have one hour to actually prepare before he go. In short I made it on time. Thank God, I still have every ingredients I needed. The problem was, I kind of mess it up. It was a little hard, because I over-mixed the ingredients.

When he came back from his business meeting, I asked for muffin box. It’s gone! My husband explained to me , “We are dropping David (his brother) on his home, and when we drive-off, Peter (his friend) asked me if I still have muffin because he was starving. When I tried to grabbed the box it was gone, then I looked back while David was walking to his home. Guess what? He has the box with the rest of the muffin. (Laughing)”. 

So I asked, “So does that meant he actually like the muffin I made?”

He says, “Well, yeah! he wouldn’t take it and he doesn’t.”

I am grateful to hear that, and I am happy to do more!

So last Friday July 27; I got this very awesome mood for baking again. My husband was meeting his cousin so he’ll be coming home late. I don’t want to get bore so I again prepared all my equipment for baking and start the experiment and here are the result:

The first batch of muffin, while waiting for husband.

The first batch of muffin, while waiting for husband.

Well, I obviously burned the first batch so I have to do another batch to make sure my husband has something to eat when he arrive home.

The second batch, perfect!

The second batch, perfect!

That was my second batch. It was perfect than the first ever muffin I baked from the scratch. Well, I would like to apologized for the low-quality of the photos. I took these from my mobile phone.

Oh yeah! I am baking too often; but that’s because I only wanted to get the perfect and ideal plain muffin; if I am done with it, then I’ll move forward to something harder.

Here are the recipe for muffin:

2 cups all-purpose flour

1/2 cup granulated sugar

1 tbsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

1 cup whole milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 large eggs(beaten)

4 oz butter (melted)


*Pre-heat the oven in the desire temperature.

* Grease small amount of butter into muffin pan.

*Combine the flour, baking soda, and salt.

*Melt the butter by putting it into the microwave or use small casserole and put in the stove with lower temp.until it melts.

* Beat the eggs in a separate bowl, then add the milk, vanilla extract, sugar to the eggs.

* Add a tiny bit of melted butter in the liquid ingredients and mix it. Do it 3-4 times until it is all incorporated.

* Add all the liquid ingredients into dry ingredients and mix it not more than 10 minutes. (Do not over-mix, if you don’t want the muffin to be hard)

* Gently pour to muffin pan, and bake it immediately.

*Bake for 20 minutes. Muffin is cooked when you put clean toothpick inside and comes out clean.

The recipe I read over internet. Have a good baking!


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