Jaw joint problem

I woke up so early today, because I felt sore with my jaw. I had for a bit long time now, but it never been so painful like today. Last night, before I even fell asleep, I felt a terrible headache in my right forehead. I didn’t mind it much because I thought I was just exhausted the whole day. It bothers me, so when I got up from the bed; I turned-on the computer and looked some information about it. Like what I read before, it can be treated by relaxing the jaw, and avoid the stress in the muscle, and massage the face, and in worst case consult to doctor. But how can I do that?

I have been thinking why I had this kind of problem with my jaw; and then I remembered that there are nights that I am waking up because I felt like I am grinding my teeth so hard. If I will need to control it, it will be a little hard because I was unconscious (sleeping) when it’s happening. I also didn’t replace teeth that has been removed last year, that may also cause of unbalance chewing. (sigh)

So this morning, I digged so much through internet while my husband was still sleeping on our bed. I can’t concentrate in writing in the morning, because of this pain. I was trying to write article but I can’t dig anything, nothing at all! So I followed what they said “I took Aspirin”, to lessen the pain.

Jaw joint problems is currently giving me pain in the right neck, right forehead, right side of the face, (chick, and front of the ear) I can’t open my mouth super wide, every morning, so I got to exercise and massage a little before I open my mouth. Once I bite or chew something, well it cracking. I am so worried, so from today morning; I tried to follow some advise, like don’t eat hard food, avoid chewing, avoid grinding the teeth, and avoid the stress. Well, I do hope it will at least work somehow, because if not? I’m gonna need to go to doctor, in worst maybe surgery! (sigh)

When my husband woke up, he was wondering why I was out of the bed too early. So I told him the whole “searching over the internet story”, and he felt sorry for me. He said, I might need a surgery, but I told him we wait for one week if there will be changes. Let’s see what will happen.

So far, I haven’t felt the pain. I avoid eating hard food, I void what I needed to avoid. Even too much laughing is currently minimized today. (unfortunately)


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