Photography update

It’s been a while, and I haven’t shared much about how is my photography going. Well, it somehow okay. I mean better than my previous camera; now most of my photos are being accepted, and few days back I actually sold one of them. I only have few photos in my portfolio, but I am so happy that someone already downloaded, which I wish for more downloads. (Giggling)

So let me share the story when the first time I got the new camera.

My husband went to the office that morning and since he left I wasn’t be able to return back to sleep again because I was worried that delivery man would arrive and ring the bell while I am sleeping so I decided to just move my ass to the living room, and then wait until the afternoon. I haven’t slept good and I only have two hours nap, so while I was waiting at the living room, I kind of losing my energy.

So after sometime of waiting. The door bell finally rang. The delivery man says he has package, and then I went downstairs and paid. I thought I’ll be able to sleep after I received the package but unfortunately not.

Our new camera Nikon D7000, with 18-300mm

Our new camera Nikon D7000, with 18-300mm

My husband with Kata bag (bag for camera and accesories) and the tripod hanging on the side.

My husband with Kata bag (bag for camera and accessories) and the tripod hanging on the side.

There are two manuals included in the Nikon D7000 package, plus the warranty and the certificate cost 2,000 crown for cleaning and a CD for some tutorial. Unfortunately, the manuals are either in Czech language and Slovakian ones. Well, I got upset, but my husband told me I could look at the English manual through internet so I tried to read, but my eyes got tired after a while. My husband was so excited, and had a little fun with the camera too. He likes the sounds when shooting, and when the lens got a little more longer when zooming and using the higher mm (millimeter). He experimented, inside and at the balcony. He was taking so many photos of me, (while I was reading the manuals) and then taking the photos of the church at the city center. (Yeah, now it’s possible while we were at the balcony. Though it’s far, but the roof are visible from our balcony)

The battery went drain so my husband went to exercise and shower,and as soon as he finished doing all these; he was asking me if the battery was fully charge. Obviously, he wanted to photograph again. (Kind of funny) So when the battery was fully charged again, I let him play with it, while I was at the sofa, watching and started to be more exhausted and sleepy.

I got so much excited to my new toy (camera) and so I played with it, attached the lens, then I started shooting until evening. I finally got so tired and finally felt that I needed rest. My husband escorted me to the bed, and the wait until I fell asleep. (sweet).

The first day with the new camera went so well, but if camera can actually complain that moment, it already did! (Giggling)

This days, I have been trying to balance my time and extra more careful because I have found myself really into photography and I even forgot about my health. (eating regularly) I am just glad that my photos have more chance to be accepted in stock, and I am really happy that someone are downloading. Although, I am still working on more effective keywords for each photos, and trying to not messed up next time; so I wouldn’t smash my net-book again. (Giggling) Honestly, when I have I received email saying I sold one photo; I have more motivation.

That’s all. I hope you guys, didn’t get bored reading. 🙂


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