Jihlava Zoo, Czech Republic

Sunday, August 5, 2012; it was around 3 in the afternoon. The weather was extremely hot (30°C-up) My husband and I went to the zoo, in order to gather more photos for my portfolio, and of course also to enjoy our Sunday together. Not more than 30 minutes of roaming around the zoo; and I felt nauseous. I was the one whose taking photo that time but I can’t focus in shooting because I felt like I am going to collapse really soon. I am sweating like pig, and I my stomach hurts. I sat on the bench located in the zoo. My husband took the photos for me, while I am resting a little.

My husband makes fun from me, when I was whispering to myself the words “I am Asian, I am Asian, I am Asian”.  I used to say these words when I can’t handle hot weather anymore. It’s like making myself aware that I should be used to such weather because I am Asian who lived in country with a very warm weather in a whole year, before.

My husband says, “Oh no, you are not Asian. Are you?”. Then he laughed!

Few minutes of rest made me a little better so we walked around, and look to some areas of the zoo where they will soon put more animals like giraffe, etc. The first time I visited this zoo, there were just really few animals, and it looked so small zoo for me, but now? It think something change but I just can’t figure out what, and which? Well, what matter most is that; they are going to put more, and there will be expansion of the zoo, which will make it more huge, and more interesting.

The photo of new animal in that zoo. The place wasn’t done yet, but they are already in that spot. They are so cool and cute. Well, you can tell that by the photo itself. (Giggling) Can’t stop laughing while watching them with that position.

For first I thought it was a decoration in the zoo for kids to play with, but I found out that,  it is a garbage bin to maintain the cleanliness inside the zoo. Well, it is pretty cool to be just a trash bin.

This Owl seems like giving me his great pose. Looking directly to the camera, moving his head slowly while I was taking the photo. I kind of talked to Owl while I was shooting. I said, “Great! now, look at the camera. Okay one more!”. (Giggling) I do act like crazy because it is so cool, doing great pose. Looked like Owl, understood what I am doing.

The slide Tower. Zoo Jihlava

The slide Tower. Zoo Jihlava

Here is a small place for kids. When they got bored from every animals, well; they can just go up in there and then slide down. I guess not for me, I can stay inside that slide. Not much space, I will not be able to breathe at all. (Yeah, I got so much problem with small spaces. Don’t know how is it called)

Well, they do have a sightseeing vehicle for those who does not want to go for a long walk.

Souvenir shops are also everywhere inside the zoo. This one in the photo was just shops for jewelries made from scratch. There are these stuff toys for kids, and some jewelry. Kids love that place; but I guess parents are not so happy because if they don’t buy them they are just going to cry. When I say cry, it means really loud.  (Just kidding) Galerie přírodnin Czech words for Gallery of nature. 


These are some animals that you would like to visit in Jihlava zoo. There are some which I haven’t got any chance to take photo, or I didn’t upload here because my page wouldn’t be enough. (Sorry) Well, I guess you just need to visit the place personally.

Have a nice day!


One comment on “Jihlava Zoo, Czech Republic

  1. Great pictures. I especially like the ones of the owl and the otter. I think the word you might be looking for in having a problem with small spaces is claustrophobia, the fear of having no escape and being closed in small spaces or rooms .

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