Weather condition in the Philippines

Few weeks back I have been dreaming about this flood. It happened to be in my dream not just one, but many times. For first I was telling to my husband that I am worried about my family who was exactly in my dream; they are suffering from the flood that caused by unstoppable rain. I never heard any news about typhoon but I never stop worrying, until this week.

I opened my Facebook, my friends posted some prayers saying flood about Philippines; my husband read in Czech news; my mother in-law saw the news in the television. Everything says, the same news. Philippines are having trouble with flood in metro manila, so I got so worried and I sent my family text messages and ask them how are they? My sister lives in Manila; my sister in-law is in some part of metro manila who often have the problem in flood; my parents are both in the province of Mindoro with my eldest brother and his wife, and with my nephew. Although, Mindoro is not Metro Manila, I am still worried, so I tried to keep in touch with them as much as possible. My mother says; it was just raining in Mindoro but it never stop. It does not have flood like in Metro Manila, but it doesn’t make any difference. I still have so much worries inside me.

All I know now is that; most rivers in Metro Manila are overflowing; roads, highways, streets are flooded. Most people are evacuating.

From then, I started to think about my dreams few weeks back. It is all about flood, but I still can’t figure out. I was thinking, that maybe it was a sign again. I don’t know but even though I have seen it in my dreams. I still can’t help, either way; I am far!

I started to remember what I said to my husband that most dreams I had, was actually happened. I remembered, when my grandfather and uncle was still alive. I had a weird dream about them, and it actually happened a week after I dreamt about it. I shared that dreams to my mother.  She told me to not think too much about that dream, and just let it go. What happened was really sad. I can’t help myself but to think about my dreams. I got so scared, and wished that I wouldn’t have any bad, or weird dreams about any member of my family, any disaster, etc.

I prayed most of the time. I asked for guidance, and forgiveness for whatever I did wrong. I was glad that everything like that stopped!

Now that I am very much away from my family. I started to dream again. Now this flood worries me a lot. Whenever my mother respond late in my text messages, I got so much worried. Oh, I hope that flood will just go away. I hope that everyone is safe, and rain will stop so that flood will not go much higher.

In my prayers, I hope that as soon as the flood goes away; people will learn to be more responsible and never abuse the nature. I hope they don’t throw any garbage in the canals so that when strong rain, and typhoon came again; flood would be avoided, because canal and rivers, are clean and so that water can flow more better, and will never cause any danger to people again.

Keep safe everyone. To all Filipinos who are affected by this unfavorable weather; keep safe.

Sharing prayers, and love,


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