Here you are again

I was checking messages on my Facebook account two days back. I saw her online most of the time. I don’t bother to ask, or talk to her, because I am sick of her taking too much advantage of me. I was thinking, that once she pop a message, it means she needed something again; and there she was, pop-up to my chat-box only to ask something. I don’t know what is wrong with her. It seems that she does it as a hobby. To pop, ask, and then disappear.

She asked how am I; I responded that I am doing great most of the time, but inside my mind there are the words. “I know you need something again, advise perhaps, maybe information; so just go on.. Pop that question.” Well, I was right after all. She ask how I am, then ask some of the information she needed. I was so good, I know that she needed it so I just give her what I know; knowing that once she has the information. She will suddenly disappear without saying “thank you or good-bye”; and she did disappeard.  I realized something; I am thankful for being resourceful, and I am not the one asking for some information; but I am done helping her, and I promised myself to never give her any advises ever again. I am done being good to her, maybe there are other people or friends who needed most of my help of advise or maybe will appreciate more of my help; not someone who actually taking and know nothing but to always take and just disappear.

I do sounded so bad right now, am I? Well, don’t judge me for that, but if you do then go on.. spread the world! Being a good person has limit after all. Oh yes, proven!!!

Anicka checking messages..

Anicka checking messages..

I felt awful knowing that I might ignore her from time to time, but as I observed; she wouldn’t even noticed that, anyway. So here I am, trying to avoid her, because I don’t like her attitude and no more sharing. I rather share it to someone worth sharing with. I will not be pity on her, or at least I will try not to. I actually wished, that she will find some new friends so that she can ask them for advises when she will need it again, because that time; I am sure I am not the one to give it to her. I am gone, and done being a shoulder, and brain. I just can’t take it anymore, like I said to my husband, “I am so done with her, trust me.. no more talking.”

It doesn’t matter that I am done sharing information or advises to her ; that doesn’t mean that I will not help my other friends. NO! I am willing to give advise for those who actually appreciate what I am doing, and I think I have plenty of those who actually did. Maybe I am just in a stage of having temporary hatred. I am not sure, but I know it is going to be alright. It feels so weird sharing my thoughts here in my page, but it actually helps me lessen this so-called, “anger”. Well, it is my page and I am not mentioning her name so that respect will still remain.

I don’t mind being judge right now. I didn’t commit a crime, I am just human who shares feelings, rather than keep it to myself. Thanks for reading.. Have a good day!

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