The remaining weeks

We are moving on and fast approaching to the day wherein; we are putting our plan into action. I, myself is currently feels the rhythm of my heart, and being excited a little bit. Although, I told myself to not put everything into my nerves, because it might do some problem to what we are planning to do. A couple of weeks ago, my task is to observed my husband. I tried to watch every single reaction, and every actions he is making. I must say, “He is quite ready.” I don’t feel the doubt, not unless he is hiding it from me. (Giggling) 

Any idea of what am I implying to?

Any idea of what am I implying to?

We started to even more put sometime into exercising so that we will be able to be healthy, and we won’t get sick. He is encouraging me to take my vitamins regularly, eat more nutritious food, and remind me of exercising; whenever I forgot to do so. Well, I guess one irresponsible individual in our relationship is quite enough. It is better that someone is actually acting responsible, and fixing things up. (Just kidding) I am trying to minimize eating sweets too, because I read that some woman are experiencing really bad during that period, and risk is quite huge. So I think, it better to start doing it right now, than to wait, when I am in the actual situation.

Couple of weeks ago, I noticed that most of our conversation actually leads to that sort of topic, and I am happy that my husband is finally open to that conversation. I can’t believe that there are times where he makes fun from it. Kind of funny, and giving me relief. Knowing that my husband is also considering the fact that it’s getting closer and closer, and we really have to discuss the main topic for the next few more weeks. I am just glad that despite of too many paper works in the office, he still managed to not be so moody whenever we discuss the plan. I told him, that I won’t screw with him while he has too much of work; because I don’t want him to be upset and that he won’t be interested in discussing with me anymore. (just for fun) He was asking me if he was getting mad when he has too many works before; during the first few months in our marriage. Well, I honestly answered “Yes”, because he was still under the influenced of cigarette. (Giggling)

Last night, we went to my mother in-law for dinner. There we can’t avoid discussing the topic too. I did not opened-up the topic. I think my husband did, or my mother in-law. My husband keeps making fun from it, he was actually smiling. What’s the difference? Well, before whenever we start discussing, he has this serious harmful face (Giggling); but now he has smile on his face. That is the difference. So back to the story!

My mother in-law asked if we are going “Go for it to Paris”, to do it (she meant it like, if we are sure and decided to do it there).  My husband respond to her, “Yes”. Not just a normal yes, but I hear with confidence.! So, my husband thought I don’t understand; he looked at me while I was lying on his lap.

He said, “za deset let, jo?” (Czech words for “in ten years, right?) 

I knew that he is making fun from me again so I said, “Ne”(Czech word for “NO”) 

He respond while laughing, “Aha, příští měsíc? (Czech words for “aha, next month?”)

And I said, “Jo, Jo.” Czech word for “Yes, yes” for informal use)

My mother in-law was laughing on us. She said that everything for us (me and husband) must be always according to plan. I think everyone knows that. I believed that it is better, because you can prepare for it, and actually thinks multiple times before you put it to action, because it’s not just a game. It is forever responsibility.. 100 % responsibility, to be specific.

After three hours of stay with my mother in-law; we decided to go home. She drove us home, (thanks to her) While we were watching some TV series, my husband told me that I must drink “Milk”. I told him, to bring me some, because I was a little kind of lazy. So he brought me a glass of this “I thought was Milk”. I have a little cold last night, so don’t actually smell if it was milk or alcohol with milk. When I taste it, I panic! I was coughing, and I spit all of it to the sink, and I almost vomit. I can’t stop coughing, and coughing;like I can’t breathe anymore. My husband was laughing while apologizing. It wasn’t milk. It was Malibu with milk in it. That is why! (Giggling)

My husband thought that I wouldn’t even taste it because the smell is alcohol, but unfortunately; I have cold that time so I can’t smell. He says, he didn’t knew that I am so sensitive with alcohol. He thought that I just don’t like the taste, but I almost die from coughing. After that, my husband apologized.. but still laughing but he promised to not messed up with me again; when it comes to alcohol. Then he says that he just wanted to enjoy the remaining weeks, that he can actually make fun from me. (Giggling) He said, I must be ready because he has so many prepared actions that will maybe scare me or surprise me somehow; and then I realized that I should let him do it, because it is his only way of doing this so-called, “pre P. shower”. 

Funny isn’t? We called it that way, because we wanted to enjoy the remaining weeks before we do it. Well, we are not sure if we are going to be lucky for the first try, but we are going to make everyday special whether we are lucky or not so lucky.. ♥♥♥

Big smile,


2 comments on “The remaining weeks

  1. Good luck. I think it’s good that you guys are planning ahead to try. Far too many don’t think enough about it before hand and then have the responsibility maybe they weren’t ready for.

    • Hello Amanda..
      Thank you, for wishing us luck.:-) Planning is something which is always involve in our life. Ever since we got married, it was the one f these important things we planned ahead. We are afraid of taking responsibility since we both know that we weren’t ready yet. So planning helps a lot. 🙂 You are right about other people who don’t think enough before stepping up to that stage of life. I knew some, and as we expected; they are as far as being responsible. Poor child..

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