How about small awesome stuff for tiny people?

So here is the problem right now. It is been a long time since I experienced this wi-fi problem in my mobile phone, and I cannot store some application to my sd card but instead always keep installing to the internal memory. Now I decided to finally get rid of it, and look for some awesome mobile phone that will finally satisfy my needs.

That is my current mobile phone.

That is my current mobile phone.

I finally found some but the problem is that, these mobile phones are too big for my hand to hold. The phone that I am currently using is only 3 inches, and that is size that is suitable for my tiny little hand. SO I tried to search for some new mobile that has same size, but latest version, and good quality. The problem is that; most mobile phones right now are currently have size from 4-5 inches. I know how big that was because my husband has mobile phone with size of 4′ 3 inches. I badly hold it, and can’t manage by just one hand. I always need to hold by two hand because it’s too huge. There was 3 inches phone but, my current phone is a lot better than it, or if not then these huge latest phones are 4 times a lot  better than that one I found.

Why these mobile manufacturer/company are always making such awesome and latest model that will actually meet the needs of those people with huge hand, and what about us;like person have tiny little hand that cannot be comfortable with it; who actually also looking for something awesome but also not so big? Well, I guess; that is how life works.

Why not also make something for those with tiny hands. I mean look at these new Ultrabooks. It actually is also good for people like me who does not want to bring huge ones. It is lighter, tinier, and easy to carry. I mean that is called “for everyone”. 

My new Ultrabook. Tinier, lighter, and easy to carry.

My new Ultrabook. Tinier, lighter, and easy to carry.

So back to the mobile phone issue; I hope next time they will release new model,and latest mobile phone with good qualities; I hope they actually consider making it satisfying for everyone. Well,I don’t mind having one for free, whether it is big or not. But if I am going to buy from my own money then, I want what will actually make me comfortable and happy. ♥

Just some thought.. ♥♥♥



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