I didn’t meant to bore you!

I know the fact that most people who suddenly ended up to my blog page were mostly upset, disappointed or in short got bore and left. I knew that! Although, sometimes I really don’t mind making people so bore about my articles and topics. The only reason is that; I am the one writing and it happened that I enjoy sharing maybe some nonsense article, that will never make readers so interested about.

Well,what I know is that; I do enjoyed it, and what I wrote were something that actually happening in my life. Maybe people does not care about it, but I know that if you dig into it; you’ll actually find some meaning and some lessons to learn in life. I don’t actually please anyone, because I know that they can’t find anything here. I just hope that they are not exactly being rude or whatever!

Most of all; I know that they actually looked at tittle of my blog which is “Anickaworld-Expat living in Czech Republic”. You guys are thinking that most of my articles doesn’t consist of more information about the country where I currently residing. (Czech Republic) The truth is;why I am going to post something that I actually didn’t do,or  discuss about the place here in Czech Republic, where I don’t exactly visit yet; or post something that I actually don’t know about this country. I don’t want to play smart, or expert.  What is the purpose? To lie to readers, in order to be like, or followed? Well, I am not that kind of writer. I rather bore people from reading the true to life experienced or story of my life, than talk about some place or topics which I never been, or never experienced.

I been in some place in Czech Republic and I already shared it, so far; we are No traveling mode and happened to stay home and wait for another time to make travel plans again.

From the articles that I already posted; you can actually know how does my world goes around. Well in short,it is obviously moving just awesome. My life with my husband is getting better and better; we learned together, and that is something I can share by now.

Just sharing some thoughts..


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