Czech language formal class

I have been studying Czech language at home for like a year now. I can’t say that its a regular basis studying but I think I just put enough time to learn and not pressure myself. Hoping that it might help while I am still waiting for a formal class to start. Today, my husband and I visited the language school. I am happy and finally finalized the schedule that I have been picked. I am excited and really looking forward to start attending the class. I meant, new face,new local to mingle, and new people to practice my Czech language. I guess I am moving farther enough this time.

So the administrator of the school asked what book I am using to learn at home. I said, “Czech step by step” I am lucky that they will be using same book like I am using. She was asking me how far I am,and my husband responded to her;that I am in Lesson 17.She was impressed,she said I probably know so much. Well, I guess so but I still wanted to make sure I am not missing anything from every lesson. It is important for me to not mess up, because I am too scared that if I will forget something, then it will be another thing to review over and over again.

She gets all the details she needed from me, asked how long I wanted to spend in studying, and if I prefer to go to school or the teacher will go to our home.

My husband and I decided to choose the school, because it is the main purpose of why I am studying. To go out of the house, mingle with others and be much more comfortable in talking to other people. I also like it more.(Giggling)

So after the arrangements, I was so surprised when she actually ask if I wanted to work for them as one of the teacher. I am happy, even it is just an offer. I like to hear it that way. Oh I am just happy today. I just don’t know how to explain it to you guys.. (Giggling)

So then, I am happy to formally announced that I I’ll be going to school, on the 10th of September.

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