When the time is right!

Exactly! When the time is right, we can do things right! You are confuse? Me neither. Let say, most people just do things without thinking whether it is right or wrong? What are the possible consequences of what they are dealing with. I have seen enough of situation by other people’s action that usually ended to a big mistake; most of them got a huge unfavorable result of what they did because they never want to wait for the right time.Doing things and putting plans into action at the right time; do less damage to life than getting involve into some decisions that will put your life in to huge risk, and do damages that you couldn’t possibly imagine. Life is just great, and wonderful; but if you do things without thinking; without looking for possible life you’ll have; well then, I don’t think it will still be great for you.

It is really important in our lives, that we do planning, whether it is huge or not so huge; consider the plan. My husband and I, we tried to keep things on the right path. We think; we plan, we decide; then we wait for the right time to do what must be done. From the very start, I think we are meant to just plan ahead before doing crazy stuff.

For example: Right after our wedding day, we do basic planning, and that includes the pregnancy;  we started to set when and where we are going to start making angel in my tummy. (If you know what I meant) We got married 2010, from then we are just waiting whether we do it right away or we wait when the right time comes. Days, weeks, months, and years had passed; and here we are; we finally are going to make the right thing at the right time. We cannot just do things, while we see our life still putting things together. We are scared to commit mistake that will make our future kids miserable. We have money, but we still think if that’s enough to give them a better life. We consider both of our opinions, and it led us to this right way.

What I wanted to say it that; before you do something;  enjoy your life first, then wait for the right time to do things, that you wanted. (For the rest of your life)  You first need to know, if you are ready, if you are settled enough; you consider the future and what it will bring you if you do things without thinking more than enough. Answer the question;

“Will my future kids, will have good life?””Do we have enough finances to give them a great life?” “Are we strong enough, when obstacles comes along to our path?”

These are just some of the questions, you’ll find out how to answer. It’s basic but, most people do not consider that before making the decision.

Like  I said, it is just example. I thought that is the best example since I have seen more people who only knew how to get pregnant but never took any serious responsibility when the time the baby born. Most young people only knows how to ride with their temporary insanity, and ride with their experimental brain, then what’s next? Irresponsible parenting.

It is not just about having kid; “When the time is right”applies in every situation in life. If you are smarter enough, then maybe you’ll start thinking about that; because me? Maybe I just became one of those people who always waited for it. Like today? It came to my mind about writing this article when a person I know, asked for advise of what she is going to do with her life now. She is in some kind of very complicated situation, that of course make it more harder when her kid is involved.

So you all people. I may not write article so good and meaningful, but I made a point. It’s just harder to get I guess. Sorry! (Giggles) So everyone, do things WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT. 

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