My first day in the school.

Before I give you a hint about my first day in language school, I would like to apologize for not posting new article often this days. I am kind of busy, and never had any chance to sit and write; but I really do appreciate the fact that most of your guys (readers) are keeping it up to stop-by and read my previous and old articles.It’s really nice. Thank you.

So here is what happened today. I woke up around 10:40 in the morning (hardly) because I am worried to be late in my very first appointment to school today. Therefore, I did what must be done before I prepared myself to school. I kind of having this problem in my stomach, so I really thought I will need to cancel; but so far I felt better before 1:30 in the afternoon; which is good because  have to be in the school around 2 in the afternoon.

Since I don’t know what to wear, I took photos of myself,and sent it to my husband while he was at work. I asked his opinion about clothes I’m going to wear. (which I know is kind of weird being so confuse of what to wear) Well, I luckily my husband approved so it was really nice feeling.

I would like to look really nice and simple.

I would like to look really nice and simple.

I decided to go and meet my husband on the way. (yeah, he is going to accompany me to first day, because we haven’t settled how to pay or what would be the arrangement and he wanted to be there so that he will be aware of everything) The school is quite close, so it’s really a walking distance from our home. Kind of exercise three times a week I guess. Not good, when it is too sunny, because road is ups and down. Good for exercising though!

When we arrived to the school building, we first met the administrator and pay some credit for one month, then sign some papers and I am good to go.. After administrator settled some of the papers, we had a chance to met my teacher. (Giggling) My husband handed me to her (Kidding)then we started.

First, she asked me how much knowledge do I have in Czech language. Since, I wasn’t really sure how many percent I got, I just let her know that I reached up the lesson 17-18 of the book which we are going to use (Czech step by step). She asked me if I wanted to start with that lesson 17, but I told her that it is probably best to start from the very beginning of the book, since some of the lesson wasn’t very clear to me. I know some of the rules, but its better to be sure in everything,so I can actually avoid too many mistake in the near future. Less mistake for better speaking. (right?)

So when we started I found myself really comfortable with my teacher. She was nice, and she speak quite good in English so I am really glad about it. She gave me so much compliments about reading and pronunciations; she said I did great. I am so flattered though. Who isn’t?

We finished the first lesson very quick which she never thought would be quick like that. (Giggling) There are some test,and she always told me to give her some example on my own, so I think it’s best so I can really practice it with her. Since we really moved so quick she always needed to photo copy new lesson and pages so that we can move forward to another. We have 90 minutes of learning, so we finished lesson 2 even before we reached 90 minutes itself. Great!

First day of school was actually great! I enjoyed learning with my teacher, and I have this very good feelings that I can finally gain confidence in talking to locals. I was very talkative with her, I guess so. (Giggles) Hope she wasn’t annoyed by me.

The school is in the city of Jihlava. They have kitchen, where you can make your own coffee or drinks for free. They have huge toilet for both men and women, which is nice. It is not really huge, but enough for people who wanted to learn language. They have German courses, English, etc.

When I arrived home, my husband was there waiting. I asked him how was he? He said,he felt so different because he was so alone at home, and first time that I wasn’t home. He was sad,but also happy that I finally got to mingle with other people, except him. Well,I guess it s best time to miss one another a little bit. At least he will not get bore with me right? (Giggling)

So I think that is all for today. Like I said; I am kind of busy, so I just give you guys few details in my every day life here in Czech Republic especially this first day of my school appointment, must be documented.Other than that;  everything is well, and tomorrow I also have this afternoon appointment with my Gynecologist which freaks me out a little bit. (First time)

Have a great day everyone!

Hugs and kisses ♥♥♥ Class dismiss!!!


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