The challenges I made for myself!

Since I started attending formal language class; I also make my own list to challenge myself and to see if class is actually helping me. I started last Monday (September 10) for 90 minutes. I got 2 days break because I visited Gynecologist Tuesday, and Wednesday my teacher is busy so I  too. Wednesday as my first day to challenge myself.

My husband went to office in the morning (Wednesday), and so I woke up a little late, because I don’t have anything to do. (Not because I am lazy) Well, when I woke up, I decided to plan how to make my day useful and at the same time, challenging!

I prepared my money and I think shopping is something I can do as a good start. I don’t really care what to buy (nothing specific). I went out, while it’s raining. I saw this young boy (probably from school) I greeted him “Dobrý Den”; and so did he. After that, I was kind of happy. I told myself “That’s a good start for today”. (Giggling)

When I arrived to mall (which is walking distance from our flat) I immediately enter to this New Yorker shop, and walk look around inside. I don’t have anything in specific; I just want some sales lady to notice me, and ask me something so I could speak out. (Giggles) After few minutes of walking around, there was this woman ask me “Potřebujete pomoč?”(in english DO YOU NEED HELP) I thought I am going to panic again; but I am happy that I did not. I respond to her, “Hledám sukně.Máte nějaké?” (in english I AM LOOKING FOR SKIRT, DO YOU HAVE ANY?

Like I said, I don´t have any idea what to buy, so I just think about something I know in Czech and ask about it. I don´t even have any idea if I deliver it nicely, perfectly, or in the right form. I just said it. After asking that to sales lady, she pointed me somewhere in the corner where I found this skirts. That time, I just decided to buy 2 different styles of skirt so that I can pay, and so she will see that I am not messing around. (Giggling)

Okay, I know it crazy that I actually have to spend money in order to communicate a little with locals,but like I said; I will do whatever it takes in order to overcome this fear to mingle, or speak. I think I did great, and yeah I´m kind of proud to myself. (just a little)

So, it didn´t end like that. My heart asked for more; so I went in the ground floor and looked at Mark´s and Spencer shop and there I again talked a little. The sales lady greet me first, so did I. After that, I looked around grabbed some stuff which I totally don´t know if I will need it or not. I just grabbed so I can try speaking with cashier.

I went to cashier after getting some socks and belt. The cashier says; ” Zde, prosím” (in english HERE PLEASE) I am not sure if I heard it right. It could be ” Tady, prosím”, but they have same meaning so I understand. I went to pay, and even though I know how much it cost, I just ask ” Kolik?” (in english HOW MUCH?) I understand how much it cost when she talked fast with numbers, so I said to myself that I did really great.

When I am done with my challenge,  I visited the supermarket, and same thing happened. I bought some stuff and went to cashier, this time I never expect her asking something to me; but yet I understood. I gave her 2, 000 kc and she asked “Nemáte, sedmnáct korun?”( in english DO YOU HAVE 17 CROWS) I respond “počkejte, prosím (meaning wait, please) – instead of “Podívám se” (which means I will look.)

Anyhow, it’s acceptable. My next challenge would be ordering food or at least coffee in restaurant or coffee shop; then maybe going to hair cutter or making appointment by myself.

Good luck to me!

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