The challenge continues (Second day in the school)

Thursday happened to be cold and rainy day. My husband didn’t go to work, so while I am preparing myself to school; he stays on the bed. It was really unusual that I am the one preparing to go, while my husband was still lying on the bed and trying to rest as much as he can. I woke up so early, even though I felt like still want to get few more hours of nap, but I can’t because once I did go back to bed then I will be screwed and never make it to school. (Giggling)

My activity book.

My activity book.

I made myself a coffee, and as fast as I can; I get my bigger bag where I can put my books. My teacher told me to bring my books to school so she wouldn’t need to photocopy every lessons we will discuss. So, even if it’s against to myself; to bring huge bag, I still did! After preparing, I went to bedroom and my husband was a little awake. He asked, “Why are you early? Your class starts at 2:00 pm.”

Still not used to it. (Giggles) I respond to him, that I needed time to prepared myself, and that I would be so lazy to get up, once I tried to get back to bed. He understood, and he was smiling at me. I stayed on the bed with him (sitting) we talked. He told me that was very unusual to see me preparing to school; he said it is like I became him, and He becomes me. 

Well,it was true. Honestly hard to go. 1:30 pm I started to say good-bye to my husband. It was hard because he kept saying don’t go. (He is doing what I was doing to him, whenever he goes to office everyday)

Then I realized, that he was probably feeling same way;like I was that time. Sad, and really bad feelings that someone has to go. Although, it was just for few hours. (Giggling)

I kissed him, and so he wished me good luck and more Czech to learn.

When I arrived to school; I walked in to the office and greet that administrator and accountant. I said, “Dobrý Den, Hlédam paní Pavlikovou,” ( I said it in formal instead of saying Ahoj- Hi! I said Dobry den as formal talk- Hledam pani Pavlikovou means I am looking for Ms/Madam Pavlikova)

I don’t actually need to ask where she was that time. I just really need to practice speaking to everyone; using every words I know in Czech. I think that I got few confidence in speaking to locals, since I started to attend the formal class which I think is awesome!

The accountant speaks in Czech telling me that my teacher was in the room number one. She said it in Czech which I understood exactly what she meant. (Happy) Although, my teacher wasn’t really in room 1, but she was waiting in room 2. (giggles) Not my mistake!

So as soon as I entered the room, we started to discuss the lesson including the reviews from our first meeting. I remembered everything so it wasn’t a problem at all. After discussing the lessons that day; we moved forward to exercise book. There are plenty of  questions and conversation I have to answer. There are problems I needed to solve, to know if I really understood the lesson and all rules we discussed from each lessons based on the books.

After I answered each lesson, I have to read it to her including my answers so that she would hear if I can pronounce it right, and of course if the answers are right as well.

Every exercises for each lessons; I got only one mistake to each. These mistake was because it was confusing, and many locals are confused to use the right pattern like me; so she said “It’s okay one mistake in each lesson is fine, we are also confused with the use of the verbs/adverbs”. 

She said I am easy to cope, and easy to learn unlike the other students who also go to that school. They usually don’t get, and it takes only one lesson each meeting. She said I am quick.. (again)

Well then, after a long exam. I made it! I did a great job, and yeah I am proud! We actually didn’t even notice time was running so fast and that we even exceed to supposed to be only 2 hours. We had 2 and half hours that session. Long, but I think its fine. I didn’t even notice anyhow!

So on the way home, I looked at my phone and my husband has so many text messages. He thought I was on the way home at 4 pm but I was actually was still in the school that time. He was curious why it took so long for me to respond. So I tried to walked faster than I could, but even before I got to front door, my phone started to ring. It was my husband; calling where I am. (giggles)

He is just not used to be alone at home; and me to not be around. Well,I’m sure he will!

Thanks for reading! ♥♥♥


2 comments on “The challenge continues (Second day in the school)

  1. Are you studying Czech Language at School?
    I was on tutor for Czech Language for almost a year but I only learned few. I think I had trouble because nobody can talk or to practice it at home, and plus I lost the interest too.

    And another Language for me to learned, as where leaving Czech for good very soon.:)

    • Hello Yen2x
      Yes, I am going to school 3x a week for two hours and sometimes only one hour. It depends on my teachers availability. She has so many students, that’s why. Well, if I would also live in Prague I probably won’t learn too, because people there can speak english so there isn’t a problem at all, but here? Oh, that’s different story. Few people here speak english but they hesitate to practice too.. So I really have to learn, so I will not be limited here. Hard when you don’t know the language. SO far, I am learning some rules which are making me confuse even before so I think I did the right decision to start over with the book I am using.

      Anyway, where you guys moving? 😀 And well, I think that is still a secret. So feel free to share whenever you want. I just wish you both a best of luck, and great life and happy life together.. 😀

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