I am his wife!

How is it to be his wife? Is it easy or not? Are there things you learned since then? Have anyone ask you that question? Honestly, I have received enough question like that. Mostly, the question are from people I know; some are friends; and some are those people who are just asking by curiosity. But have I ever tried to answer any of this question? Well, yeah! Many times, but I haven’t seriously give any facts to prove the answer I have given to those people who asked.

So here is the answer;

How is it to be his wife. Honestly, I can proudly say to everyone who’ll ask me again that; being his wife is something that I am proud of, and thankful  the most. My husband is someone who actually plan and thinks about the future; so being his wife I must say my life is mostly easy than I ever expected. Although, not always, but mostly yeah. There are also times, that I felt like in middle of no-where and looking for my husband to save once again. Those days, happened mostly when his mind was stuck into resolving problems at work, or problems that he needs to resolve or else he will gone insane. It is a quite difficult from time to time, specially when I wanted him to speak to me, but even though he is around; his mind isn’t. Those are times that I got to say, harsh! Times, that I felt like being selfish. (Giggles) That is how I called it. I know, a bit strange; but it is how it is.

Being his wife is something that I like to perform perfectly. Although, we all know that nobody is perfect nor in any relationship itself, but what matters most is that; we tried, and we keep trying so that everything will go smooth and will have the result that we ever wanted. Living with him is something I cherish, and I felt blessed for having him with me every single day.

Being his wife is sometimes also being like a Mom! Don’t get me wrong, or don’t even try to misunderstood. (Giggling) This is what I often told my husband. I kept telling him that being his wife; I also felt like I am a Mom, not because I felt like he is treating me like his Mother but because I felt like taking care of my own child in a way that I have to take care of him in many possible way. Seriously? Yeah, in funny way! I used to cut his nails, whenever its long (not too long-never comes to that point); I used to shave his facial hair,  whenever I felt uncomfortable when he is kissing me (kind of irritating my face); I used to make him food whenever he acted like a kid who was starved from school; I used to do all stuff that he can actually perform by himself. So I told him that, “I am mostly prepared to be a real Mom, because I already got my training”.

Being his wife is becoming spoiled Wifey! Why? He kept giving me whatever he thinks I need. He always wanted what is best for me. Given the fact, that he knows I needed him the most, and some material things and other stuffs are just a consolation or let say accessories for my temporary happiness. It can also be called something to spice up the relationship. Like I said before “Women loves surprises.”

Being his wife I got to have 90 % patience. Not because he is stubborn young husband, but because I got to give him time so that he can finish everything he must do; that includes time for work, and more extra time for something he needs to resolve whether it is work related or some other stuff that needed some attention. Oh wait, that also includes patience when he was stuck on his computer without saying “Hi or Hello”. That is just a joke, he cares for me, and he gives me plenty of time. Enough to say; he cares! (Giggling) Forget it! What he does is mostly about the future, can’t blame him trying to secure our family financially. I am actually proud of him.

Being his wife is like showering with love every single ticks of the clock. He never let me feel like he doesn’t love or he never cares about me; not even in his busiest day. I am just blessed, and grateful having someone really responsible. Like I said, being his wife is the easiest part of our relationship. I can do what I want; and he let me do what would make me happy. Well, forget about that too, because I cannot enjoy doing things without him. (Giggling) Being his wife is a 24 hours fun, excitement, and duty. We loved to do things together that most of the time drove us insane!

One thing I am sure of: I love being his wife; I love to do whatever it takes to make him happy: and that’s because being his wife is the best thing that happened to me. In just a very simple word “Wife”. I think, that is more than enough like an award for life!


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