Autumn/Fall 2012 (Podzim 2012)

It’s again fall season and leaves are turning into beautiful stunning different colors, and soon fell to the ground. Leaves are either yellow, orange, yellow-green, reddish, and most of them turned to be golden leaves; which are very beautiful. The weather become so unpredictable; sometimes sunny, sometimes almost freezing, and sometimes both (windy, sunny, but still a little cold).

I lived in the country where we experience to have four seasons in a year. I like all of them, (but summer not so much) Anyway, what I am trying to say is that; I love fall season and I do love to see the leaves on the ground. Whenever I go by walking to school, I always adore the nature around me. Walking is never boring for me at all. As I walked along the road, I can see the trees and its beautiful leaves, dancing and some are falling when the wind breeze blows.

Last time I can’t stop myself sharing to my husband how great the view on the way to school. It was great and instead of being exhausted from a long walk, I always have a smile on my face,and mostly I do stop on the side-walk in order to feel the scenery. Yesterday after school, I even took photos so that I could show it to my husband when I arrive to our home.


I took this photo on the way home from school. I always go this way and I witnessed how this plants on the wall changes its color. The first time I seen it, it was green, it turns into yellow, and then dark yellow, which almost are golden ones, and now it is red in color. It was brilliant. I like it so much and it interest me a lot. Well, let’s see how is it in the next week! (Giggling)


This spot is very close to the main road. Before I cross the street I always spent a little time playing with the leaves before I head back to home. Now,as you can see; the grass are almost invisible because of the leaves that fell to the ground. I always saw two old men sitting and hanging out with their dogs. I love this place, simple yet nature seems to always speaks beautifully.


First, I would like to apologize for bad quality of  this photo, because I was kind of shaking that time I took it. Anyway, like I said before; Our city is kind of ups and down. That is how I go to school 3x a day. Going up and then down. (Giggles) From this side, I can see the beauty of the trees but unfortunately, I didn’t capture it. Maybe next time, I would. I can hear the birds singing too, sometimes I like to think that birds are waiting for me, then sing a song while I am walking so I wouldn’t feel exhausted at all.(Silly)

Honestly, I am blessed to be surrounded by nature. Everywhere I look; they are always there. Beautiful!

I took this photo from our window, before I headed out to go to attend my class. These are just beautiful, and I was just sad that I am not able to take photo of the trees around the hill-rock located in the other side of our home because of the construction of the new building.

Thanks for reading.. ♥♥♥

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