Trying to Conceive Cycle 2 (TTC #1 Women’s Topic)

From the month of September 2012 we are trying to conceive, do the best we can and hope for the positive result; but we are just not so lucky. So we tried again for the second time at month of October that has just ended 2 days ago. October is our TTC #2 (Trying to conceive number 2). I really thought we are going to be lucky that month. I mean something change again, which are very unusual.

First: I had symptoms of ovulation so we did the deed. After 3 days I got  (No sore boobs, no bloating) These are very uncommon to me because I usually have ovulation symptoms all the way to my PMS (sore boobs just not going away not until the period arrive). So I was thinking maybe it’s our month, we got so lucky and since it disappeared maybe it meant something so I thought; “Maybe this is our month.”

I did all the sudden changes in me. I even checked my temperature regularly and it always above 37 C.

So yesterday, I attended to my class. While my teacher was discussing something to me; I suddenly felt like my belly button was being pulled to the left. (Never had that before) So I got so distracted! It lasted for like 5 minutes; then after that I felt cramping on to my left side above the pelvic bone. So everything seems so weird. I wait until the class is over and I rush to go home. When I came, I told my husband that I got something weird that day.

I never thought about checking if my monthly period arrive or not. So I changed my clothes, and made fun from the weird symptoms I got that day.

I told my husband, “Maybe I will have my period that’s why I got that weird pulling sensation. But honestly it’ll be weird because I never got those since. “

My husband replied, “Maybe, I don’t know.”

So then, I excused myself to go to toilet. I had to pee. Then I saw this pink, spots in my liner (sorry for that) . So, I got so disappointed. I told myself, “I’ve seen it last month. Though last month was brown. I had to admit, it’s my period.”

So when I came out., I told my husband that I think I got my period that day. I told him I am going to give him a 500 Czech crowns, because he won to our bet. (Yeah, middle of October we did it for fun. We bet if I will have my period or not. That is why I had to give him 500)

So after like an hour, the spots stays the same. Never had any additional spots, so meaning. Either I am clear, or whatever! I said, if it will stay like this till tomorrow, it means I got to take a pregnancy test, if it will continue or have some more spots, then it is like the previous month. Disappointment!

Well, before the night ended, it gotten even more. So I had to put a tampon on. Meaning it’s over for the second month of TTC. (sigh) While we were watching some television shows, I can’ t help myself but to think. I got sad, and even teared up. (crying) I can’t imagine that it will be that hard to get pregnant. I mean, if I am going to imagine those people I know who gotten pregnant unexpectedly; I must say. It is no unfair!

Yeah, I am a little upset. I mean, how come? We tried, and we tried, and I still am not pregnant. I tried everything.

My husband noticed, I got so sad, like I am having a depression last night. He can’t do anything but to comfort, and says, “It’s just 2nd month of trying Honey, it’s not like a year… It’s okay. I have a feeling that next month will be our month. So don’t be sad.”

Well, what else should I do? It’s just, why others can easily get pregnant unplanned. We? We planned everything, and still nothing. I’m sorry readers, it’s just I have no one to hear me out this time. Maybe at least by this page I could release it.

5 comments on “Trying to Conceive Cycle 2 (TTC #1 Women’s Topic)

  1. Sorry to hear that. We have been trying on and off for about a year. I recently read that you should try before you ovulate, we had been trying the day of or after. We also did a at home sperm check to make sure that wasnt the problem. Good Luck to you!

  2. Just think about me 3yrs of trying no luck.:( We even end-up to IVF made me pregnant but end-up to miscarriage after hearing the heartbeat ,and starting to formed! After that I got pregnant again possible for twins but again miscarriage which the most worst happen my marriage.:(

    2months is very early, so keep the hope, your not alone. Start taking folic acid it helps a lot to get pregnant.

    Have you guys check by OB already or the sperm counts done? It said if it takes 1yr of trying it should undergo some testing then.

    Best of luck to us here,

    • Sorry to hear that Yen. 😦 Maybe someday you’ll be blessed with healthy beautiful angel, you’ll just have to wait, and keep trying.
      Anyway, my husband told me that its okay because we haven’t try for so long. I mean you are right that two months is nothing to worry about yet, I haven’t use pills before because I am having side effects so I guess that is why it takes time to conceive.

      I have been checked by OB, two months ago, before we tried conceiving, OB says, I am healthy and everything is alright. Well, if it will be much longer than a year then we have to go back there and be check again.

      Well, we both keep praying, and keep trying. I hope someday soon, we’ll be successfully conceive..

      Goodluck to us, Fingers cross!!!

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