Busy days ahead!

So since I started taking official language course, I also been very busy and haven’t had any time to write updates in my blog. I guess you readers have noticed that. Anyway, special days and holidays are approaching really fast. Makes it even more hard for me to focus on my writing.

Ever since the month of October ended, and we celebrated our second year wedding anniversary; now I am kind of busy planning special days ahead of us.

Photo from last year's Christmas Day.

Photo from last year’s Christmas Day.

Month of November:

My husband’s birthday:

Okay, if there is one thing I am thankful the most, these days is that; my husband is also attending driving school right after his work in our office. That way, I can easily sneak out so I’ll be able to get him present. Although, it’s kind of hard to think of something to give him, because he has everything that he need. I tried my best to get some idea through him, but I failed. He always says, he does not want anything, because he has me. Well, that’s so sweet of him, but I don’t really think it’s fair that I always received present during some special occasions. So I guess this time, I have to give him something back. (Love is given though. I mean all of it. Giggling)

My eldest brother’s birthday:

My husband and my brother’s birthday are so close to each other. So there isn’t a chance that I will missed it. Although, the fact that I am away from them is giving me a hard time of thinking what to give. So if I will really going to give him some shirts or something else, I don’t even have any idea if he grow or not. (Sigh) So I guess, I am going to just buy something else and maybe give it to him when I go for a visit to Philippines.

Month of December:

My Mother’s birthday:

Here it is! As soon as month of December starts; I can’t help myself but think about my mother. Our mother take good care of us. (We all know that) She is just always there to support,and do something for me when I needed it. Of course I love her. I always wanted to give what she wanted, also because she is getting older, and it is time for her to relax and only think about getting herself safe, and healthy. As much as possible I wanted to give her best gift she can ever have. So like I said, these days? These days, are days where I am perfectly having temporary insanity. (giggling) Thinking too much of what to give so in a very simple way, once a year I could at least make my mother happy!

Christmas Day:

So what are our plans for this very special day in the world? Last year, we celebrated Christmas day with my father in-law. I cooked dinner, but if you all remember? My father in-law was kind of sick that day, and didn’t enjoy much. We exchanged gifts, talked, and then rest. But this year, our plan is to celebrate Christmas with my mother in-law in her place. We are planning to spend our Christmas shopping in Prague, where we can buy better quality of stuff. We are going to eat fish as a tradition here in Czech Republic. We will exchange gifts and I asked my husband if we can sleep over to her place (which I supposed she’ll be glad to know). Why sleep over? Well that is my idea, I have told my husband that I am used to have many people around during Christmas. A little noise, because my family were around, but now that I am far away from them. Christmas is always a big issue for me, so I guess sleep over to mother in-law will be just ideal. So let’s see what will happen. I guess it’ll be great.

My birthday/Father’s birthday:

Okay, let us talk about my birthday and my father’s birthday. Yes, same day! I don’t really remember if I have given him any gift before on his birthday. All I know is that I always gather all stuff I bought then give it to him once I go to Philippines. There are times,I only send some money for everyone to share. I guess this year will be a bit different. I am going to give him something nice. (At least I hope he’ll like it).

Speaking of! What about myself? I don’t really have plans for myself. I don’t buy myself any gift at all. I already have what I wanted. Everyone knows that. I have my family, few real friends, and my husband who loves me, incredibly much.

New years eve:

New years eve, is some holiday where we have normal celebration. We go watch fire works in the city center or maybe from our balcony. Have dinner, and start something new. Well, that also includes, new hair cut! (Giggling)

Month of January

My trip to Philippines:

This plan is somewhat making me sad. Well, to make it real short; I am going to travel to Philippines alone. Well, what makes me so sad is that, it is going to be a boring journey. I will be alone in such long flight. Oh my! My husband is going to join me in the Philippines after 14 days, so I guess I just have to deal with it. I am not used to be far away from my husband ever since we got married. being away from him, is such a nightmare. We both know that.

On the other hand, I am pretty much excited to see new baby boy in the family. My sister is going to give birth to her first child on January, one of the reason I wanted to spend long time with them. I also wanted to spend time with my parents, and family. At least I can do.

My husband’s trip to USA:

So the reason why my husband won’t be coming with me to Philippines is because he has to attend conference in Las Vegas with his cousin and brother. Conference is only 3 days, but he will be exploring other cities, and also probably go to casino for some fun. (Giggling) After that he has to fly to Philippines to be with me, and to spend time with family, and so that we can go back to Czech Republic together.

So what’s your calendar shows you? Mine is absolutely full. (Giggling)

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