Trying to Conceive Cycle 3 (TTC #1)

Here I am again writing about another month of unsuccessful conception. Month of November, I tried what they say “Do not think about it”. Well, for the first three weeks I really haven’t think about symptoms, pregnancy, etc. I tried to pay much attention in something else, but before the month of November ended, I can’t help myself but think whether we got lucky, and finally conceive or should I just really expect that my period is coming anytime soon.

Not thinking about it, is something really hard to do. Trust me, it’s always going to come to your mind. Specially at night.

A week before my period is due, I tried to check my Basal body temperature just for fun, and curiosity. My temperature was higher, and almost same except a day before my period. I checked my BBT again as soon as I woke up and noticed the sudden dropped in my temperature. I wasn’t sad! I was just thinking, “okay then, I guess I have to admit the fact that I am going to have AF tomorrow”. At night, before my due AF I noticed a creamy cervical mucus before going to bed. I wonder why I had that. I never had that before, I always am dry days before and on the day of AF.

My AF didn’t really come on the day it was due. So I waited another day because I remembered it happened to me before. I am one day late. So I tried to give it sometime, before I took a test. 3 days passed-by, and still haven’t got my monthly period, so I thought I would give it a try to test, because I never been late that long. On the fourth day, as soon as opened my eyes; I took home pregnancy test and came out negative. (Sigh)

Well, I guess negative won’t let me happy at least once. So, it’s over again. My husband’s prediction for month of November didn’t happen. I guess we’ll just need to try again. Maybe, I will receive a great Christmas, or Birthday gift. Well, Finger’s cross.


9 comments on “Trying to Conceive Cycle 3 (TTC #1)

      • Not yet~ But I am in the we’re-almost-married stage. The closer it gets, the more I start thinking about actually starting our lives together and having a baby. It’s scary. Props to you for having the guts to try!

      • 😀 It’s stressful, that’s one sure thing about trying to have baby. I always thought, it’s easy to just try conceiving, but I was wrong. The more you want it, the harder you get it. 🙂

    • It feels like forever, though. When I am almost 4 days late last cycle, I was wishing; If I didn’t conceive just give me my Af so I can finally move on, and start over.. 😀 Can you believe that. LOL
      Well, good luck to us, for the next cycle. Maybe, we’ll both receive early Christmas gift.. Fingers cross 😀

      • Me too, been so stressed, mostly because I was late and still negative. That’s why! 🙂 My husband finally got me a pre-natal vitamins yesterday. Hope it will help. 🙂

      • That is sweet of him! I took them years ago, but now I just take a multi vitamin and b complex. When I remember omega vitamin too. I do my best to eat healthy as well. Have you guys tried the male fertility kit from Amazon? It helped give us more confidence.

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