Learning Czech Language (My own Fairy tale)

My Czech formal class for beginners will soon be over. I have learned a lot of things, rules, and how to make it better in writing grammar and even speaking. Although, I couldn’t say if I am that good, or just better enough to understand locals and me to be understood by them.

A lot of activities, test, and constructions of my own sentences, paragraphs happened in the school; even fairy tale happened. (Giggling) I am actually making simple Short fairy tale or in Czech Krátká Pohádka; 

It was fun, and I myself, can hardly believe that I could make. Although, of course I am thankful that my teacher (Moje Učitelka) is very good in teaching.

So,here is small fairy tale I wrote using the words I learned from our previous lessons: I just like to share it. Hope you’ll like it.

Náš Poklad

Tam byl Král a Královna, kteří žili s princem a princeznou. Jednoho dne, drak přišel a vzal prince a princeznu. Král a Královna, plánuji cestovat. Potřebojou poklad pro draka, takže se můžou vzit zpět princ a princezna.

Král a Královna chtějí najít jejich prince a princezna. Půjdou dlouho cestu. Přijdou do zámku. První, projdou les a pak přeplavou řeku. Tam je nebezpečné krokodýl. Vyjdou na vysokou horu, a sejdou dolu z hory, a pak uvidí zámek kde bydlí drak.

Když přišli na zámku, mají strach protože drak je velmi nebezpečný, ale musí najít prince a princeznu ale nejdrív musí zabít draka.

Král a Královna spolu bojovali a porazil draka. Když drak je mrtvý, všichni  vyjdou z zámek. Nechali poklad na zámku a řekli ” Náš Prince a Naše Princezna je náš poklad”. 

Přijdou domu (na hradě), a žili spolu št´astně.


4 comments on “Learning Czech Language (My own Fairy tale)

    • Hello there,
      Thanks for stopping by.Anyway, learning different language is not that easy, but possible as long as you have courage and patience to do actually do it. 🙂
      Good Luck! Best regards,

  1. Great tale for someone at the beginner’s level! You should be proud of yourself.

    I’ve been in the Czech Republic for eight and a half years, but taking proper Czech lessons only for about three or four.

    It’s a challenge and a good teacher makes all the difference.

    • Thank you 😀
      Eight and half years is a very long time. I’m sure you speaks like locals now. 😀 I envy those foreigners who speaks good in Czech. It encourage me to study and learn more.

      I am also planning to continue studying until the day when I can actually understand them better, and the day until I speak just like them. 🙂 Well,, it will takes time. It’s easier to live that way, the more you have knowledge to speak., and understand, the easier it is for us to fit in…:)

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