The Spirit of Christmas In Czech Republic

It will be my third time to celebrate Christmas here in Czech Republic. Of course the first one, was during my first visit, and the second one was last year here in our new place; and now. The snow is all over the place here in our city.(Jihlava). The snow was unstoppable for 2 days, then it comes and goes. Enough to make road slippery and enough to make surroundings beautifully white. It’s definitely white all over the city. The lake near-by our flat building was frozen and often visited by those people who actually enjoyed ice-skating. So, then I am wondering whether it will be still snowing on and before the Christmas celebration. I think, it would be nice if it will be.

The frozen lake has visitors.  :D

The frozen lake has visitors. 😀

After 2 consecutive days of snowing.....Snow all over the place.

After 2 consecutive days of snowing….Snow all over the place.

The spirit of Christmas are actually all over the city. There are Christmas markets (selling wines, breads, homemade salami, etc) There are also Christmas tress and lights, which is very beautiful at night. There are also competition for who has a better Christmas tree. Well, the competitors are from elementary, and nursery school. They were building the tree in the school and put it, to the city center so people can actually see their work and in the end the best ones will be declared winner.

It’s not just about lights and trees, and snow. Two days ago, we were in the city center and saw that staff of charities are performing on the stage, and selling hot red wines all over the city. The more people buy wine, the more money the charity gets. The staffs have their programs. They were dancing, singing, and everything possible to entertain people, while the weather is freezing.  Here in Czech Republic, charities or some organization are also putting trees in the city center and in the shopping mall. On the trees are names of children, and their simple wishes written on the paper. Not just children from the orphanage but also special people. Those who are disabled  and such. They are also putting names and wishes on the tree. Some children wanted a coloring book, pencils,bag, toys, etc. Some others are asking for clothes, with their sizes written on the paper. Everything simple. It’s great that staff, of these charities and organizations are doing that, so it will bring smile and happiness to these people, and children. You are probably wondering how it work?

Christmas tree from the charity. The papers hanging on it, are names and wishes of children or people who are disabled.

Christmas tree from the charity. The papers hanging on it, are names and wishes of children or people who are disabled.

People are taking them out of the tree and fulfill the wishes of these people. There is no limit; you can take as much as you want as long as you can afford to buy what was written. During the Christmas celebration, people are putting the gifts under the tree and children from orphanage and disabled people are going to take a visit the tree and look for the their names (gift) (Information is coming from my husband)

Every year, my brother in-law and his wife are taking few names from the tree and buy gifts. So, since it is kind of new to me. I decided it would be nice if my husband and I will do the same. I mean , Christmas spirit is also about helping other people to grant their simple wishes, in order to put smile on their faces. In a simple things, you can bring “Merry Christmas”. 

Though, some people have Merry Christmas, some people doesn’t. The roads are slippery, and a lot of accidents are happening during this winter season. Two days ago, while I was on my way home; sirens of ambulance all over the city won’t stop. When one ambulance passed by, the other will follow. It’s just all over the city, and I am sure all over the country. I don’t actually know, if some people die or not, but of course it’s just sad to think that such tragedy and accident will happen on or before the Christmas.

The homeless people, are dying during winter season. My husband says that;homeless people usually drink alcohol, and never wakes up. Some people couldn’t handle the cold weather and just die. Some of them takes advantage of winter season. How? They usually robbed some store, and let themselves get caught by the police so that they will spend time on the jail, and not on the street. There was this news before, that one homeless guy robbed a Vietnamese store in Prague. It was just if I remember it right; it’s a cigarette, and he never run. He was caught by the police and spend time in jail, not outside with freezing weather.

Everyone has different story of Christmas. This year, I am going to make our own story. Funny, happy, and wonderful Christmas!!!

So by the way, Have a Merry Christmas to everyone!!! 

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