Long Vacation to Philippines!!!

The past couple of weeks, my husband and I have been very busy planning our vacation. Well, it’s actually nothing difficult in this called planning; but the difficult thing to do is it put everything in actual/action. Since we have to be away first from each other for like almost a month. It’s quite difficult where should I stay longer when I arrived to Philippines. Why?

While I will be waiting for him there; I had to of course use internet to be able to see him in camera; better mobile phone reception so I could speak to him whenever I want. The problem? Most of my direct family lives in the province which like I said  “have huge problem in internet connection, and even reception for mobile phone.” I have my sister who is going to give birth to her first child, and she lives in Manila; good internet connection and very good mobile phone reception too; but I am not planning to stay long in a big city. I wanted to spend time with my father and mother who lives in the province, but if I will stay there longer. Maybe I will get crazy for not seeing my husband or hearing his voice. I can’t!

So planning to book hotel in Makati (Click here), is kind of difficult because I couldn’t decide how long to stay in the city and in the province. (sigh)

My husband is coming to also spend time with my family,but he will be late because he got to work, and also fly to Las Vegas for 2 days conference, and spend more days to relax and enjoy different city for 2 weeks, with his cousin and brother. 

As soon as he arrive to Philippines, we are going to stay to small Island of Boracay (Click here) with my family for the rest of our stay. So we are looking for villa where all of my family will gather there and spend time with each other, have fun, and relax at the same time.  Although, it’s kind of hard to find some villa available on the date when we will arrive; because of this called “Chinese New Year Celebration”. Every villas are fully booked. We have hard time to find one which will greatly fit to our budget,and good location. (Giggling)

Boracay Island Philippines. Photo Taken last vacation (March 2012)

Boracay Island Philippines. Photo Taken last vacation (March 2012)

Today, I am thinking about things to bring for them and I am planning to buy my mother something nice, and so to my father. I wanted to buy my only nephew (at the moment) something, but I don’t see him for so long, and don’t have any idea how big is he now. If what size of stuff I am going to buy. So I rather buy him something when I arrive to Makati. (Crazy head here)

So we are hoping to find some today. Fingers cross! I hope today, it will be done!

Tickets are booked, and seats are selected. I am ready to fly!

I am kind of nervous to fly alone. It’s not my first time, but yet. I still am afraid! Perhaps,it will be alright as soon as the airplane land to my destination, see my family, and enjoy the time with them.


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