Welcome 2013!!!

So here we are, we all said goodbye to year 2012, and welcome the new year of 2013. Maybe some of us are currently hoping that this year will bring a lot more better happenings, luck, fun, and maybe better experiences in life. For me, the only thing I wish for this new year is to have good health, good strong relationship with my husband and that everyone I love will continue to be there healthy, happy, and living their life to the fullest. Maybe I’d like to also wish for some luck in conceiving. (Fingers crossed)

Well anyway, to let you all know; my husband and I have been invited to celebrate “New Years Eve” with my brother in-law’s family as well as my father in-law. At around 6 in the evening, my brother in-law picked us up in our flat. (It’s always so nice of him.) We arrived to their home, and the kids were so glad to see me. (Like always).

We shared dinner together, talked, and everyone cannot believed how fast time goes by. But I must say, while these talking mode is happening the kids started to do their stuff too; first 3  hours with them was the exhausting part, because kids are rolling, running, and always wanted to play with me. One hour before the countdown and I am already devastated, I am not moving anymore; I was just sitting in my chair, and trying to get some sleep, which never ever happened before. I meant, I could stay awake until 3 in the morning without feeling any sign of sleepiness. (Giggling) I guess, that’s a different story.

There are actually a lot of foods to offer, it’s just that there are no space in the table to put it. They have small flat, so we have to put other food somewhere else.

There are actually a lot of foods to offer, it’s just that there are no space in the table to put it. They have small flat, so we have to put other food somewhere else.

The photo shows vegetables too, because of the kids, and also because people in Czech Republic do like to eat Pepper, and Tomatoes  The huge bread is called “Vánočka“,it is a tradition here in Czech Republic; that housewives are making a homemade bread called “Vánočka” during Christmas and New Year. A side from “Vánočka”, people in Czech Republic are preparing fish called “Kapr” during Christmas, instead of meat. Big difference in our tradition in the Philippines. We usually prepare different kind of meat (pork, chicken,beef), or at least served it as ingredients.

At midnight, we gathered together holding our own glasses with alcohol, soda (for me), and children’s drink to do “na zdraví”, or “Cheers” in English. Fireworks all over the city was lighting up the sky. It was nice and beautiful, it was great, and it was again another year that passed, and come.

In the end, we took photo together as a remembrance of being together Welcoming The New Year 2013.

My brother in-law's wife is missing in this photo. She took the photo, because I forgot to bring my tripod.

My brother in-law’s wife is missing in this photo. She took the photo, because I forgot to bring my tripod.

Although, this made me think about the other family I have back  in the Philippines. I hope next time, we can gather all together again and spend Christmas or New Year together like the old times. That would be nice. 🙂

2 comments on “Welcome 2013!!!

  1. Hello, I’m a 32 yr old Filipino who loves to travel. I currently live in the states (California). I plan on visiting Prague in the near future. I was wondering if you could give me some tips and maybe tell me what to expect. Thanks.

    • Hello, Sorry for late response. I was on my vacation to Philippines for almost 2 months and not able to visit and update my blog.
      Anyway, Prague is a very nice place. There are many attractions to offer in Prague, like Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Orloj, and many others. If you love gardens, then its nice to visit Prague Zoo, some Petrin Garden which is located at the top of the hill. There are also parks like vyšehrad. But if you want to stay right in the city then you can just walk around, and there is the old town square, wenceslas square.

      About the transportation, well its very easy. There are subways connected to each stations, and also trams ( but you have to be careful because there are thieves mostly in the tram/tram station) You have to watch out for your bags. They mostly are targeting tourist and women with child. About the taxi? Some taxi drivers are over pricing. I will let you know how much they actually cost,once my husband arrive. I will ask for sure. 😀 You should also keep your hotel address with you because most taxi driver doesn’t speak English. So you either give him paper of address or at least memorize the name and street where to find the hotel.

      What best season to visit? Most tourist come during winter season, because of the snow, and Christmas market. Others go during Spring, and summer.

      If you are planning to book hotel. You can find a very good deal through this site. http://www.hotelium.com

      browse the city you want.. and you will see the comparison of prices. 😀

      If you have other question, you can just ask, and I will do my best to give you some information you needed.

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