Let’s Look Back To Year 2012

So I analyzed what exactly happened last year 2012. I looked back again, and here are the things I found. Like I said, lot of things happened in the year 2012.


Month of March year 2012, my husband and I traveled to Philippines. A few days with my family in Oriental Mindoro, and most of the time was spent in the small Island of  Boracay. That was our first time to visit Boracay, and a lot of things happened. There are awesome fun, and the awful ones which was when we have been scammed with the price of some Island activities. But of course, you’ll never learn without the experience. At least we know what we will do the next time we visit there, this year 2013. (Looking for hotel? Click here!)


From June 9-11 year 2012, we traveled to Budapest, Hungary. That was also our first visit to Budapest, and it was fun and lot of surprises. The architecture was all the same like other European country so I am not that amazed, but at night? That was a different story. Especially Parliament Building. It was great at night. (Looking for hotel? Click here!)

552820_379722278745673_394333109_nI have been living in the city of Jihlava, Czech Republic for a little longer now, and I only discovered the oldest tree in the whole city, last year, 2012. It was nice, awesome and the beauty is kind of amazing. In this photo was without leaves, but even more beautiful when there are actually leaves on it. The tree is located next to the Church.

74762_379725332078701_1454713808_nWe traveled to small city of Telč, Czech Republic for the first time in the year 2012. It was a few days after we got back from the Philippines. I was still sick that time, and I remembered, my mother in-law and husband suggested to bring me somewhere with fresh air.They thought that might help me, from dizziness, and not being well. So I was thankful, for that trip. It was a short trip, but very memorable. I have seen what’s inside the Telč Zámek, for the first time. It was huge, and lot’s of stories behind every photos, things, armors,etc. I like the colors of each building in the city center. (Looking for hotel? Click here!)


In the year 2012, I started to earn some penny using one of my passion which is photography. Although, it wasn’t easy from the beginning because there are so many competitors, and almost millions of similar photos over the internet. I have to learn more at the beginning, and honestly I am still learning. I bought additional lens, and planning to use it to captured enough photos in the Philippines,that might give interest to other people, and finally get more sales, in my portfolio.

564758_428144447236789_778295885_nIn the year 2012, we went back to Vienna, Austria for the second time around. We love to shop in that city because they offers really good prices in every  good branded stuffs. My husband finally enjoyed shopping there. I never thought he would really like doing it. He bought so many stuffs for himself, at year 2012. So I guess that is one of the best memories we have the year 2012. For me to remember that my husband finally enjoyed shopping for himself. That was unusual. Before we traveled to Vienna, my mother in-law gave me the “Versace T-shirt”, which was a gift from my husband to his mother from his first salary, that unfortunately never happened to wear it because it doesn’t fit on her; then I came in the picture, and she gave it to me instead. What a story!

DSC_4859Year 2012 was my first time to actually ride in military vehicles. It was great,fun, and the adrenaline was extra! We went to battle field and I experienced all kind of obstacles on the way. It was great! The military base, was small but functional and opened to anyone who wanted to experience it too. They are accepting reservations, and also they have a paintball field. It was wide and nice.

DSC_5046Okay, you all knew I have been on and off riding in the airplane,but I never ride on small helicopter. It was scary, shaky, but it was great experienced for me.

DSC_5246Same year 2012,I was able to finally watched the Airshow for the first time. I know for some people it was nothing,but for me? It is something,because I never seen anything like that in real. It was breath-taking experience but was nice to be there. So maybe this year, I will maybe again go and watch.

IMAG0452Year 2012? I finally get the chance to start my Formal Czech Language Class. It started last September 10, 2012.  (The photo above was the kitchen area of the school). I must say, it is one my achievement in the year 2012. I finally speak better Czech. Not perfect, but a lot better than before.


The last trip we had for year 2012,was trip to Paris,France. I finally saw the Eiffel Tower, and been to the City Of Love. It was great trip, and I finally proved to myself that most people in France doesn’t speak English. So, if you happened to travel there; I must say do not expect that you will encounter more locals who speaks English. But sure, the place was big, amazing, and the shops are everywhere. It’s a great place to visit. (Looking for hotel? Click Here!)


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