Making Lists and Cleaning Up

Making a lists isn’t really my style. I am more like, get and pack. But this time, I had to. Not only list of things that my husband needs to bring (To Vegas, San Francisco, and LA), I had to do list for home. Why? Well, few weeks back, my husband forgot to unplug the grill and there is one incident that he also forgot to turn off our induction stove. It bothers me a lot because after his trip to Vegas, San Francisco, and LA; he is going back here in Czech Republic to work for about 2 more weeks, before he will go to Philippines and meet me there. Meaning, I wouldn’t be comfortable in my own vacation while thinking that my husband might forget to unplug, or turn off the stove again. So I decided to put some note in the kitchen area, so he wouldn’t forget. (At least, I am hoping)

I also have to make note on how to wash the laundry, because my husband never tried to do it himself. (Giggling) This time, it will be a challenge. I am so curious what will happen to his clothes. Anyway, all I have to do was to put instructions and it is on him to follow. If so, then I guess his dirty clothes will end up to laundry shop, or to my mother in-law’s washing machine. (Giggling)

Aside from making list of instruction for my husband, I also have task to make a list of something we both need to buy for our trip. These extra clothes, things,stuffs and something for family back in the Philippines. However, I am almost done with things for family. I just need to wait for it to deliver at home.

This trip isn’t just about planning, making list; I also have to do the general cleaning before we both leave, and I am the only one in charge with this task. Why cleaning? I always do that before we go for long vacation,because I hate coming back home in a messy place. I hate cleaning too, after a long trip. Also, my mother in-law is going to check our home, while we are gone; to put some air and check if everything is okay. So I guess it has to be clean, or it will be embarrassing to see our dirty flat. (Giggling)

So right now, I am starting to clean our flat, empty the laundry bin, and iron clothes so it will be ready to fold and pack in our luggage. It is truly exhausting, but it’s better this way.

So, I got to go now. I have things to do. Have  a nice day! ♥♥♥

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