I’m One Of The Happy Ones

A month ago, I’ve seen myself hanging with my family, and husband. I saw the difference between enjoying by myself, and enjoying every single day with family. The laughter we shared, the food we ate together, the place we sat and bond, these activities we all enjoyed, and every precious moment we all shared with each other. All of these happened in just a snap of finger. There are plenty of words to describe how great it was, but since it was that great; I think words wouldn’t be enough.

Bond between daughter and mother.

Bond between daughter and mother.

This might seem a simple photo for everyone, but this photo shows a happy daughter with her mom. How great it is to spend time with a woman who you owe your life? How great it is to see her laugh again,share jokes with you, do funny things together, and finally touch and hug her again after a long time? No words can ever describe, how it was. All I know is “I am a happy little yet grown-up daughter”.

Bond between daughter and father. Precious isn't?

Bond between daughter and father. Precious isn’t?

Photo that describe nothing but love. A moment that probably not enough to share their thoughts, and experiences while far apart from each other. A daughter who never stop thinking of him, whether he is in good shape or not; if he is healthy,or how safe it is for him to drive a motorcycle in life taker roads; how is he holding up with his arthritis;  how is he handling everything. Every tick of the clock is gold. He is not getting any younger and so is her mother. All she wanted is for them to enjoy their lives while they still can. She always looks forward to make them happy. Their smile, their laughter; their presence and good health; that’s enough to be “A happy daughter”.

Moment with my eldest brother. Silly yet wonderful!

Moment with my eldest brother. Silly yet wonderful!

Photo that shows how silly and crazy a bond of sister and brother can be.  Life is great, and so are the people who you love and care. Life is crazy, but you can deal good enough to that, for as long as the people who you are with are crazy enough to go with it. (Giggling) “I am a happy sister!”. 

Sisters bonding. (photo from year 2010) My sister has newly born baby, that is why I cannot have the chance to have photo with her.

Sisters bonding. (photo from year 2010) My sister has newly born baby, that is why I cannot have the chance to have photo with her.

Being the youngest sister, you may caused a lot of stress and headache to your older sister, but still the love and concern remains the same. There might be a fight and some misunderstanding because the hormones, (Giggling) but sure everything will fade away through a small talk.

They are both grown up now; have their own lives; have their separate ways;have their own ways of living their lives, but sure one thing never change; they are sisters forever and love is not going anywhere.

Spending time with her after a long time is something she will never forget. Her older sister may be a mother now, but she is still the sister she once fight with, laugh with, hang-out with, share secrets with, and a sister she will forever trust in everything; and for that “I am a happy little sister”. 

Unfortunately, I never get a chance to have any photo with my second brother, or even get to see him personally because he did not arrive to Philippines as he supposed to be. He was stuck in the work in Taiwan with his heart-broken when his boss led him to believe that he is going to have a vacation, and at the last-minute (few days before he supposed to fly) his boss told him “he cannot go”. It was such a heartbreaking for everyone who is expecting him to come, specially me who haven’t seen him for a very long time. So he might be missing in the picture right now, but sure the next time; I’ll make sure he is here too.

Husby and Wifey bonding.

Husby and Wifey bonding.

Having a husband who never stop doing what’s best for his wife or let us say… me (Giggling) ; is the best thing that happened to her life. They do everything together and make sure they wouldn’t miss a thing not even little. They are may be two different nationalities,  different cultures, different weather, but these are never been problem, because when you love someone you will never see anything itself. You will only see each other despite of every differences you might have. A great husband and “A happy wife”.

For everything that happened during the vacation; there are just few words I can say “I am happy daughter, a happy sister, and a happy wife” Words I don’t only speak-out but words I deliver through smile. ♥♥♥

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