I Am Chefs Nightmare

This is alarming, and heartbreaking. Sometimes I considered it my biggest problem ever! Alright, I love to eat, and yes I love to go to restaurant specially when laziness strikes. But few days ago, I worried about my action that led me into asking myself this question “How Many Chefs Heart I broke So Far?”

This photo is just illustration.

This photo is just illustration.

My husband took me to dinner at Pizzeria Venezia in the city of Jihlava. I ordered spaghetti Bolognese (my favorite) and he ordered pizza capricciosa . I actually ate all of it because of huge hunger, except with the sauce. (?) Yeah? Well, I loved it so much but I am not much into the sauce. (Not sauce lover) They cooked really great and it was so delicious, so when I ate all of the noodles and left some sauce on the plates I thought it will not be an issue.

After eating, the waitress took my plate away; she brought it to their reception area and because of curiosity and a really good observant; I noticed that she was staring at the plate, removed the tissue I used to clean-up my lips, and she was saying something I never get a chance to hear. I observed her, and then one of the other waitress approached to waitress number 1 and do the same. When they were done staring into it, they both looked at me. Yeah I saw them because I was actually observing of what they are still doing. It bothers me a lot. I don’t know what is the problem, since I ate all of it except for the few sauce left.

Since I worried so much, I told my husband about my concern. My husband told me that they were probably wondering why the sauce were left behind; or maybe thinking if it’s not that good. “You again broke someone’s heart, now the chef will probably get fired”, my husband says. It was his joke every time I left some food on my plate.

Few minutes after the waitresses are done analyzing . I saw the chef out of his kitchen and went to reception area. I began to worry, and then it totally happened.

I saw the chef seems to analyze and wonder why I did not eat the sauce. Before he took the plate back to his kitchen, he laid eyes on me. I saw the sad eyes, and I felt horrible about myself.

I don’t know why I keep doing that, all I do is think; and so from that day forward it made me think how chefs felt when I left food on the plate, and how many of them are heartbroken because of me or maybe how many of them get fired already.

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