Top 5 Dating Tips For Men And Women

Whether you’re new to dating, a serial dater, or re-entering the dating scene, you need dating advice and tips. Nobody is an expert when it comes to dating-even the wealthiest and most beautiful people struggle with dating.  Well all can learn how to attract the kind of people we like, how to date often, and how to ensure the initial chemistry develops into a lasting relationship.

The following are the top 5 dating tips for men and women that will ensure you have a great date with the person you’re interested in. Stay positive and have the best of luck.

 Value yourself

Do not hang around waiting for someone just because your first date was great. To tell you the truth, if they don’t contact you in any way when they say they’ll, or they’re too busy to have another date with you, then they’re just not interested but are afraid of telling you the truth. Don’t waste your time waiting for him or her to contact you or sort out their feelings. Cut your losses and accept that your time is precious and you aren’t ready to wait, so move on. Make contact with other people. Remember, they are lucky to have you talking to them so don’t undersell yourself.

 Have an open mind

Having an open mind is the best way to meet potential partners or new friends. Do you feel comfortable around each other? Do you share the same values? Do you laugh with each other? You should be bold when looking for a potential partner. Instead of looking for someone like your ex, find somebody more caring.

Let the past remain in the past

Of course anybody on the dating field may have had past relationships which did not last but the biggest turn off is someone who won’t stop talking about their previous partner. This is your date and not a counseling session and if your date wants you to console him or her, do the right thing and find them a counselor. The truth is,  you’re their future and not an emotional support for their past relationship, so do not accept it. Try to be pleasant and polite and say you’re looking forward to seeing them again once they’ve gotten over their past. Remember you have to do the same.

 Be positive

Realistically, not everybody you date or contact will be the right fit for you and you sometimes may be interested but they’re not that keen. Look statistically as there will be a few disappointments and non-starters along the way, so don’t be disheartened by this. Remember, you have more chances of succeeding if you take more action. Men on dating websites notoriously contact many women and then narrow down their search. On the other hand, women usually play it safe by contacting a couple of guys and then worry when they do not respond. When looking for a date online, just go for it as there are thousands of singles joining sites every day so you could find your perfect partner or best friend with just a single click.

Don’t allow sex to take over

We know those bodily urges lurk under the surface but if you’re looking for more than just sex in a relationship, don’t jump into bed before you’re ready otherwise you might find that your partner is after sex and nothing more as they’ve had it easily. Ladies, you might consider yourself modern but men need to do the hunting. If it’s too easy for him to capture your heart, then he will enjoy his time and quickly move on to somebody who presents him a tougher challenge. Let the men chase, even if it seems old-fashioned, and men don’t use dating to try to score with many girls. There is more to a relationship than just being a stud.

The truth is, when it comes to dating there are no fail-proof tricks, no magic formulas, and no cunning ways to trap Mr. /Miss Right. However, there are some important facts you should always remember along the way. These top 5 dating tips are just tips-not one-size-fits-all guarantees. Remember, different tricks work for different individuals. It just depends on who you’re, the situation, where you’re in life, etc. Nevertheless, there are some dating tips that are quite universal and can be useful to anyone who uses them.

Whether you’re going out on a date or using an online dating site, these top 5 dating tips are helpful and can help you enjoy your dating experience to the fullest.

3 comments on “Top 5 Dating Tips For Men And Women

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