Pay Less During Your Stay In Boracay

Boracay Island Philippines is a very nice place to stay. Small Island with a very nice white beach, nice nature, and pretty much relaxing. There are plenty of activities available, and friendly people who can help when you are in need of it. But let’s face the reality; nice places are indeed pricey and if you don’t act smart,practical, you will leave the Island with an empty pocket. You enjoy but then again after that you have to think about filling up the empty pocket you got.

So let’s begin.

Boracay Island Philippines

Boracay Island Philippines


Finding hotels in a very nice place is not so hard because you have plenty to choice from; but the prices are sometimes too much for what its worth. So I’d like to share you all about this Hotelium. It’s a hotels comparison that gives great deal. They are also posting about discounts available in specific hotels. So it is pretty easy to find them.

The process of reservation is easy and me myself are always using this page whenever I go to vacation and needed a place to stay. And trust me, I saved money from this even if I book five-star hotel. I highly recommend it. Try it and you’ll see what I mean. Good luck.


I will make it quick. If you are trying to save some money during your Boracay vacation, then I suggest to buy flight ticket heading to Kalibo International Airport than Caticlan Airport because it is much cheaper, and have many flights schedule than in the Caticlan, although the only disadvantage is that it takes an hour and half from Kalibo Airport to Caticlan Jetty Port; but if you do love nature than it’s not going to be a problem, because the view on the way are just fantastic!

Transportation from Kalibo to Caticlan Jetty Port is not hard, pretty easy actually. There are plenty of bus and shuttle outside the airport so I am sure you will not be lost.


Fly Fish Adventure.

Fly Fish Adventure.

I once wrote an article about what happened to me and my husband during our first visit in that Island. One guy over-charged us for this activity called “Zipline and Zorb”, that I believed he charged as 3,000 pesos for these two activities (Zipline 1500, and Zorb 1500), which supposed to be only 1500 maybe less for two activities (Zipline and Zorb together), not for each.

So let’s get to the point. If you see people who are offering activities while walking along the beach or when someone came to you and ask you if you wanted to do some sports activities, then make sure ask for lowest price and read carefully what price is written in their brochure, because if you don’t look then they will take advantage of you and they will over-price as much as possible.

I once ask guy who are offering activities in Boracay if their prices are that expensive like what was written on the brochure and he says “No, ma’am.. We give lowest price if they ask for it, and as long as we still have few income from that we give it to them; but if they don’t then lucky for us. We get bigger money/income”.

See my point? It is better to ask them if they could give you lowest price, and I am sure they will. But don’t ask too much, because they also do it for living.


If you already been in Boracay Island then I am sure that you are aware of those vendor who are selling fruits like mangoes on the side-walk near the beach.

I remember, we bought mango for 50 pesos each. I know, that is too much but my husband was craving that time and we are in a hurry so I didn’t mind the price and bought it. But then I found out that you can actually buy fresh fruits like mango for 50 pesos per kilo in this place called “Talipapa”,  in Boracay. It is regular market where you can buy almost everything in its normal prices, less than when you buy fruits near/along the beach.

The only thing weird in that Talipapa Market is that when you buy one whole watermelon, they sell it per kilo too, pineapple per kilo as well, which is weird because it is mostly per piece and not per kilo. I know right? Weird, but its better.

If you would like to visit that market then you ask the reception of your hotel if it’s close to your area or a bit far. You can always take a tricycle and drop you off there.


Okay there was one guy who told us that you can also buy those big Sea Foods in Talipapa Market bring it to any restaurant and they will cook it for you however you want for much cheaper price than when you actually order the food from restaurant.

Fresh Tuna.

Fresh Tuna.

What’s good thing about it? Well, you know how big, how many you bought and when they serve it to you, it’s all there unlike when you order food to restaurant, a small piece of sea food cost too much. So maybe buying your own to market is not going to harm you.

Smart! I think it is a nice idea. So if you happened to be in Boracay and crave for huge Sea Foods out there, then I believe you just have to go to Talipapa, buy it yourself and bring it to restaurant and pay less. Be practical! I know that it seems a lot of work than just ordering food to restaurant,but we are talking about money here.

(Information above was from man who live in Boracay.) 


Maybe some of you are very much aware of this called D’Mall in Boracay Island, where you can buy souvenirs, dresses, swim-wares, etc and also enjoy different kind of restaurants.

If you noticed, they have a little pricey clothes in that area. Not extremely expensive, but for the quality? It’s way too much for it. So if you are staying in Boracay and happen to have some spare time to spend for shopping, then I totally suggest those small shops near the beach. You can easily find them in Station 2, there are small streets where you can go take a look for their products which are much cheaper than D’Mall. You can even ask them if they can lower the price even more, and they will give it to you, unlike at D’Mall everything is fixed prices. You cannot have the chance to ask for less.

That’s what I am talking about. You can get them for cheaper price than D’Mall. Sorry about my facial reaction. I’ll put other illustration but this is the only photo I got in that place.

So have patience going to those little store near the beach, and don’t be scared to ask for lowest price of anything that you desire. It is also a good deal in some store a little far from the beach. They are mainly along the road, they are much cheaper, and same quality like what you can find in D’Mall.

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