Rain On A Sunny Day

One of my rainy days has come. My day full of surprises, and couldn’t get a chance to believe what is right and wrong. I found myself; elsewhere than where I am supposed to be. I am confused, and there is nothing else I could do but to remain confused and wait until the rain passed.

I freaked out, and I wanted to ask myself why rain has to be here. It’s beautiful weather, but I couldn’t feel a thing. I couldn’t imagine how it happened, but yet it has to remain inside my brain. Everything that happened seems to make sense to me, but what should I believe? The feelings that might be wrong, or the eagerness that comes to me once in a while? I don’t know!

I wish the rain would stop. I wish that the sun will just shine up there and be nice. I saw the bed waiting for me. Should I just lay and just keep my eyes closed? Or open it, and never ask for anything again anymore?

I’d like something, but I don’t know what. I’d like to yell but seems that I got nothing to say. Is it because rain just wanted to remind me of how living is supposed to be, or is it because it just want to happen to be here? Who knows? Because I don’t.

I’d like someone to talk,but seems nobody’s available. I’d like to speak to somebody but it seems I don’t know who I should trust, or maybe trust is no longer in my possession? Oh that is just terrible!!!

Doubt? Is never cross to my mind. Doubt is nothing to me, but a word. You don’t say I doubted a single thing, because I know myself I wouldn’t because I don’t have a reason to be. Oh rain, just stop and get over it.

Trust? Trust is something huge, but I have to learn to give it to people I love. But one thing I don’t want is to be questioned about giving trust and be trusted. I gave it, and I am giving it away. Because I know I have too. Perhaps, will wash something away.

It is afternoon, and it seems that rain is still on a sunny day. I am alone, hoping it would stop and I’d get a chance to lighten up my head. Rain is very depressing, and so is my day today!!!

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