Our Impostors On Facebook

World is really crazy this day, specially now that we have plenty of technology which can do pretty much everything you won’t expect in real. Technology is something I am thankful about having; but there are certain thing that is not so pleasant that technology brought to people’s life.

Two weeks ago, I was surprised when one girl I know sent me a message on Facebook regarding some issues about my husband. The girl I was pertaining to,, was not my friend but I know who she is. The message she sent me includes Facebook page of a guy using my husbands photos, but in different name. The guy (husband’s impostor) was chatting to one Filipina who lives in Bulacan. In the conversation was about flirting and meeting that is scheduled on the 22nd of September this year. The girl who sent me message told me to ask the girl; (the one who my husband’s impostor is chatting),,if I don’t believe of anything that she says. So meaning I have the Facebook page link of the girl who’s chatting with the impostor.

Photo during the celebration of Burning The Witch. This is the time where the impostor was chatting with the girl.

Photo during the celebration of Burning The Witch. This is the time where the impostor was chatting with the girl. (According to the time of conversation) What a shocking news!!! Better luck next time impostors!!!

Of course, I never believe even one single word she told me;

First: My husband is always with me and I know everything he is doing even if we are not together in a day.

Second: I didn’t let my husband see the message of the girl I know. I wanted to read everything first and investigate a little more before I show him. So I found on the last conversation was when my husband and I were together celebrating this “Burning of the Witch”, Czech tradition every year on 30th of April. We are gathered again with family, and so I know from the conversation that it wasn’t my husband. Reason? Well, my husband was with me whole time. Never go to toilet to get a chance. Everywhere I go he goes too. He never even bother to look at the phone and there wasn’t internet connection in that area. So it is really obvious that someone has been trying to ruin our good relationship.

So I showed to my husband the message that a girl sent me. He was shocked at first, then laughed.

Third: My husband isn’t stupid to go to Philippines only to cheat on me; and without me?, or let say without me knowing it. I am keeping his passport, because you know he is a little forgetful.

Forth: The schedule of their meeting didn’t match to any of our plan in the same month. Just as simple as that.

Fifth: The profile of my husband’s impostor was made only 6 days before she sent me messages. Enough for her to make a little conversation to be seen in the girl’s profile, before she let me know. It’s easy to identify if someone is just trying to ruin something, because 6 days usually takes time to find profile of a person who actually is in private mode. Yes, if you ask me I searched for that name on the search bar and I couldn’t find it; reason? because it’s hidden and private so how does she find the profile herself? Big question mark ha?

These are just few reason on why I was convinced that the girl who sent me message on Facebook is trying to ruin my relationship with my husband. There are more.

She thought I was stupid to not find out that the address of the girl she said my husband’s impostor is chatting with; has same home address like hers. Tell me about it.

Not just that, I got my own impostor too. I am a friend of my husband’s impostor and we are just chatting to each other. Seriously, why people are just so stupid to do such things.

I found out that the photos that they were using are all downloaded from my Facebook page. Because my husband actually don’t have too many photos on his profile because he isn’t a big fan of Facebook and also because he hasn’t that much time due to rough schedule with his work.

Internet is my world and I pretty much like to discover things specially when someone is trying to screw with me. I am pretty much aware of what to do. So what I did was just pretend that I don’t actually know who did that; and I respond to the girl who sent me that message “Thank you for your concern, I will look into that.” That is pretty much all, but I also show her that I haven’t any single doubt to my husband. And when she told me to contact the girl my husband’s impostor was chatting? I didn’t do it. I let them play their games, as I know already what’s happening. The next thing I did, was posted something in my facebook wall regarding the impostors Facebook page, just to let anyone  closer know. My husband was sad and felt sorry because his reputation to my family might be damage anytime soon, because of that issue. We are just lucky that both sides are open-minded.

I posted in my wall too, that my husband is investigating the profile of that impostor of us, and she was just probably scared and the next day when my husband and I woke up. Our impostors facebook page are totally removed. She got scared of what my husband are capable to do over the internet.

The next day, the news was trending all over my husband’s family. They couldn’t believe what just happened, and my brother in-law says “he doesn’t have time to do that”. Pretty much everything I need for I know he is the one always close to him, specially they work together.

Yet, we ended up laughing in the issue. Truly someone is trying to break us. Maybe because we are too great together and she couldn’t accept the fact that I am happy.

Note: The girl isn’t related to my husband. She was actually a friend of my ex-boyfriend from a very long time ago… Crazy ha? Out of the blue, she just shows up and tried to screw with my head.. Do better next time. Get over it!!! What is it for you?


3 comments on “Our Impostors On Facebook

    • Really insane.. i don’t know what got into her. Just out of the blue she popped-up and surprised me with such crazy story.. Well, it’s over now. Since she immediately removed the page after she found out that we are after her..

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