Trying To Conceive Cycle #6-7 (TTC #1)

Okay, I have been out for so long in the TTC update. Honestly, I have no idea what to share with you all in my TTC journey because every month is just same as the other month. It’s been a long time since we started TTC but still haven’t had the luck. Sometimes, I am losing hope already, and just all day down thinking about it.

Why does other people get it sooner than I am. I do exercise and even take a pre-natal vitamins, but still nothing? My TTC number 6 was a joke like always. Every month there is something different with my cycle and reason why I couldn’t recognized anymore if my cycle is regular or no longer consider regular like it was before we tried.

Cycle 6, I was 8 days late, and so I began to think that maybe that is something. But I ended up upset again after the next day I got my period. The cycle 7 well, I got this very pink spotting. unfortunately I couldn’t upload the photo here because my husband won’t allow me, because it may gross other readers that will read; so just look at the photo  below as it has same color like the spots.

My prenatal vitamins. Fingers crossed here!

My prenatal vitamins. Fingers crossed here!

That is the color of spotting for one whole day which never happened to me. I began to worry because I never had pink, like totally pink for whole day. I went to school like regular day without using tampon, only the liner. It was fine whole day but I didn’t take any test because I was kind of thinking maybe it’s again false alarm, as my cycle goes wrong and wrong every month. So I decided to wait and yet the next day after spotting pink, I got this heavy bleeding that lasted for 3 days.

Again, another failed month of TTC.

Right now,I kept telling my husband that maybe, probably “I have a problem”, it is because I am really getting tired of my period every month. Why can’t I be pregnant when other can in a month or two? What is wrong with me?

Cycle 8 is still waiting for the result if Af will come or not, so I will let you know in a week or so…

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