Happy Mothers Day Special

To Our Loving Mother,

Happy Mothers Day “Inay”. It’s hard to give a message through writing, when I knew that you only have few percent of chance to end up in my blog page since we both know you are not using internet/computer. Anyway, we may be so far from each other; and kisses and hugs are most possibly not going to happen right now, but I know that you know how much we care for you. We love you, and I always think of you. There isn’t day that pass that I haven’t think about you. 

I/We thank you for all the love, care, understanding that you keep giving to us. We thank you for all patience ever since we were young, wild, and all stubborn asses. Thank you so much for being the most giving and understanding person; during the time that I am most down and thinking that nobody cares anymore. You are always just right next to me, or right next to anyone of us when we needed you. 

I know that this day isn’t enough to make you feel special; I know it has to be everyday and every single minute, but you know we all are trying to do the best we could so that you and father can live your lives the most comfortable as possible. You are not getting any younger, I promise to try to give you what will makes you happy. (I will try)

You are the most wonderful mother, and always remember that we all love you very much, and we are all sorry for everything that caused you pain, and sadness. We love you and stay healthy, and safe. 

Kisses and Love,


To All Mother Out There,

I wish you all a very happy,  happy mothers day. May you all receive words of love from your love ones, as you deserve every of them. Enjoy your day. Have a great day!!! (Send Flowers!!!)


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