Trying To Conceive Cycle 8 (TTC # 1)

Well another month has passed. TTC Cycle number 8 is another failure. Like always! My Af shows up 3 days earlier with a day of pink spotting in the beginning. So I have decided that maybe my husband and I should try this ConceivePlus Lubricant and Ovulation Prediction Test for the cycle 9 of TTC.

So far, I only tried 5 sticks of OPK. I used them in the middle of my cycle. I’d like to show you the photos below.

And CD 15 is below

So I am hoping for the positive result in few more weeks. I don’t know exactly what to expect but I just hope it will be positive this time. Fingers cross here.

If not then, I’ll try and keep trying again and again.

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