New Member Of Our Family

Meet Sam.

Meet Sam.

When my husband and I went to vacation in the Philippines last February, we discussed of getting a puppy as soon as we get back here in Czech. But it took a little longer than we expected. We have to be decided completely if it will be a great idea to have puppy since we live in our own apartment. We have to decide also what kind of puppy would be best to live with us, and these are just some reason on why we took longer to get one.

So last month (May 2013) we decided to finally look over the internet. I wanted a Shih Tzu even before, so my husband is okay with that. Shih tzu is small and very cute, and I know it will pretty much be alright inside our apartment. So we saw one for first which is pure white in color and it’s somewhere in Prague. I really liked it when I saw all the images attached in the advertisement, but unfortunately when we wrote email to the owner; she didn’t respond. The next day I looked at the advertisement again and its gone. So we believed that it has been sold before I even sent that email. I was sad, but we looked again. 

So I saw this one cute little Shih tzu, it isn’t pure white and the advertisement has this website attached. So we wrote them email,and asked them if they still have some puppy for sale. Luckily, they still have. They responded asking what we wanted “If girl or boy”. If I were to choose, I’ll get a girl. So we said we wanted a girl if there are available, but the next morning when they write us again, they said that all girls are reserved, and that they are sorry, so we decided, to get a boy because I was so eager to finally get some company when my husband is away to work or hanging out with his brothers.

Everything went well and the owner of the puppy is so nice. She gave every little details we needed. We agreed to pick up the puppy on 27th of May. So few days before the big day, my husband and I went shopping and preparing for our new member. We bought bed, food, etc. It’s funny when we were at the pet shop,looking for toys. The sales lady brought us many to choose from, and she was so shocked when we told her, we are getting all she brought there. I remember she said “Všechno?’( English ‘All”). And we said “Yes”.

She couldn’t believe that we bought so many. It’s probably because we are so excited.

So 27th of May, we hit the road to Brno to pick up the puppy with my brother in-law. When we reached the place, the old lady approached (the owner). She let us in, and I was shocked of how many dogs she has in her property. From big dogs to the smallest. But when we enter the room, where she is keeping all the awards of her dogs;we are all amazed of all the trophies and medals. It was like awards room. On the wall was all the photos of the parents of puppy which we will get. Then we found out that; our soon to be puppy is a son of Czech Republic and Slovakia champion in the contest.

Wow!!! That’s all I can say. Then she handed us the puppy named “Samuel Lucky”, and now we call him “Sam”. He is so peaceful, and so cute. He has brown and white colors with a few black on the ears and tail. He is so calm.

His first day at home. By the way, he is only 8 weeks old.

The next day, he has so many visitors. My father in-law, brother in-law and his wife and two kids. They brought “our Sam” some toys and they also have something for me. Lots of chocolates. (It feels like I just gave birth to a son.)

He’s first night sleeping at home. We thought he’s going to cry and he will not like sleeping alone in the next room, but he was so brave. He managed to sleep alone without making any trouble. He doesn’t even bark. (Giggles)

obrázek (8This photo was from yesterday. (1st of April) He was so eager to go down to play with my husband. Isn’t he adorable.

He is kind of wild when he reached one of his toy. He just gotten crazy, and shake his head here and there. Which is kind of funny.

He likes to be sitting or napping next to me on the sofa during day, and early evening. So we get him some cloth to put on the sofa so he can be napping next to me every now and then. That is his favorite position during nap.

This is his photo today after I gave him a bath and brush his hair. (2nd April) He just lay there and looking at me while I am typing actually.

He never makes any noise, and he actually learn quite a bit to use his potty pad. Although, sometimes he still pee somewhere else when he is unsupervised. We still don’t have crate for him, so he will not make mess when he is unsupervised. We are still deciding which one to get.

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