What’s New? Czech Republic Experiencing Flood

Many cities in the Czech Republic are now experiencing flood in many cities, including Prague. We are experiencing heavy rain for many days now which now caused flood in many areas, specially those places connected in the Vltava and any other small rivers. The authorities already evacuated people who are and might be affected by the floods.

So far, we haven’t experience flood in the city of Jihlava because it’s a higher area, but I felt so sad for those people who are affected and also for the damaged to their properties. Some trains route and Subway are not allowed to operate due to risk of flood. So if you are currently in Prague, I suggest you keep track on place you are planning to go and keep yourself updated by the news. For more information click here!!! You can translate the page because it is in Czech.

I wish you all pleasant day, and keep safe everyone.

If you are looking for other sites about what is the current situation in Prague and other cities in Czech Republic, Click Here!!!

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