Outfit of the day

I decided to do this so-called “Outfit of the day”. I just though it’ll be nice to share some simple fashion to all of you. Just so you know? I am not that good in fashion and I do not do hair styling too, or make-up. I am not very good at those stuff. So I just hope to hear some few feedback from you readers. So I’ll share this first one.

Dress : Guess

Shoes : Janeo

Accessories : Amanda Suarez

Make-up Brand : Dior

So that was the outfit I wore when my husband and I went to dinner and cinema. I don’t do make up really, because my skin is kind of sensitive and I get to immediately have pimples right after that. So I don’t really do make up. (Only when needed)

In this photo, I only put face powder and the only thing that made my look a little different is the lipstick from Dior, and the mascara included in that set I bought when we went to Paris last year. (I bought it at the airport) you may not see or notice my very light eye shadow. It’s because of the photo quality and also because I used a very light eye shadow in this one. I am no expert with this; but it’s worth a try. (Giggles)

You might be confused about the shoe brand. Don’t be, because I bought it in the Philippines during my last vacation there. So don’t wonder if the brand is unfamiliar to you.

So below is one photo with Sam. Our little puppy. He turns 3 months last 27th of June.

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