A Big Fat Surprise!!! Part 1

Is everyone know here that I married a man full of big surprises? Well, yeah!!! I am realizing it even more each day. Sometimes,I am wondering, what I did good, and he keeps surprising me; sometimes I even doubt myself, and thinking if I even deserve all of it.

So here’s the story:

Last weekend, we planned a three days trip to Prague. Well, my husband was actually the one who decided that. It’s because, he has been very busy working with too many projects, and he hasn’t been spending that much time with me. So he decided to bring me to a very relaxing weekend trip. Just us!

Friday at noon, we headed to lunch at this restaurant called Buena Vista. A mexican restaurant here in Jihlava. We took a taxi on the way to the restaurant with our luggage. I was asking my husband, who is going to drive us to Prague from the restaurant. (I just have to worry about many things) He says, he doesn’t know. He will call taxi, that is what he said. So I stopped asking. I was just hoping that taxi company will send a better car, because I don’t want to puke on the way. (Yeah, I got sick from car sometimes)

While we were waiting for the food, my husband kept on using his phone. I asked to who he is typing? He says, he is checking work. So of course I believed him and also because I am used to see him checking work over the phone everywhere we go. (I didn’t know he has hidden agenda that time.)

After lunch, we headed outside and planning to wait for taxi. When we are along the road, I saw a black “LIMO, LIMOUSINE”.  

I said, “Honey look! There’s a Limo.”

He was just smiling at me and says “That’s our ride”. 

I couldn’t believe, and so I just said “C’mon, don’t screw with me.”

And the next thing I know, the limousine driver,got out of the limousine and smiled at me. My husband greeted him “Dobrý Den”. Like they know each other. So I said “Really?”

Stupid thing to say. I know! Followed by greeting each other, the driver took our luggage and opened door for me. And I said “What the Fu**!!!!” I know, I know.. Don’t even tell me. I know, it’s stupid! I just really can’t believed that my husband planned all of that, all along; and the reason why he was using phone during lunch is because he was giving direction to the driver.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful surprise.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful surprise.

Trying to relax while we are on our way to the city of Prague.

Trying to relax while we are on our way to the city of Prague.

I was trying to take a good nap.

I was trying to take a good nap.Beverages in the Limo. Free champagne, unfortunately I don't drink any kind of alcohol.

Beverages in the Limo. Free champagne, unfortunately I don’t drink any kind of alcohol.

I apologize for bad quality photo. I wasn’t prepared that time. I only got mobile phone which is very sensitive specially when we are in motion. The camera was inside the trunk. ; if only I knew!!! I would really get as much photo as I can. 

I was totally shocked!!! My husband makes fun of me,on how I reacted, when driver opened door. I meant “What the Fu**”? Seriously? That’s the best thing I could do. Only thing that comes out from my mouth. Funny!!!

And my husband explained everything to me. He says, that was the surprise he was planning for many days. He just wanted to make me feel good and also to make it up for all the time he did not spend with me.

Good thing about it, is that; I was wearing little better clothes and shoes. It would be totally embarrassing to wear jeans, and t-shirt in the Limo. (Giggles)

It was actually great. I felt good.

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