Outfit of the day (Husband and Wife)

Okay, I have been off for many days, due to some task that needed more of my attention. So, I really haven´t focus too much attention to this “Outfit of the day”. Honestly, I am trying so hard to be better at this but unfortunately, it´s freakin´ hard.  (Giggles) So I just decided to be myself and take photo of how I dressed and not think about how people would react (if there´s any) .



Dress : Guess

Accessories : 22k Turkish Gold Necklace, Gold earings

Sandals : Calvin Klein Summer Collection

Make-up : None

Lipstick : Sephora




T-shirt : Calvin Klein

Pants : Calvin Klein

Shoes : Bugatti

Accessories : Hilfiger (watch) , Gold Necklace

My husband looks awesome!!! He really nailed it. Exercising makes him look even more pretty, and I am proud! He lost weight nicely by watching amount of foods he eats. Very responsible!


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