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Some of you probably think if its possible to visit Bulgaria using your Schengen residency permit without any need to apply for special visa. The answer is “Yes”. Two weeks ago, while we were still planning our trip to Bulgaria; I can’t help myself but search over the internet if I wouldn’t need one, I found some says “Its possible, some says Not”.  My husband says, I don’t have to because I am a family member of European Union citizen. Bulgaria is not Schengen area and that is why I was worried that Czech Residency Permit that I am holding currently wouldn’t be enough.

We decided to go on the 2nd of August. I don’t have anything but my passport and Czech residency permit with me. I said to myself “Oh what the hell! If they won’t let me enter from the Bulgarian immigration check then, No!

Luckily, after a very long checking they did to my passport and residency permit; they finally put stump in it without question. So yes, you can enter Bulgaria using your Schengen residency permit.

Okay enough for few information. I’d like to share few experiences from our visit to Bulgaria.

Our hotel is 30 minutes away from the airport . It is called “Majestic Hotel”. For what I saw, Majestic Hotel is the best hotel resort in Sunny Beach Bulgaria. It has a very huge pools, and a large enough pool for children. The area is very neat, and wide. I saw the other Hotels along Sunny Beach and I can say Majestic is the best hotel. That is just my opinion.

This is the view from our apartment balcony; where we stay for 4 nights.

This is the view from our apartment balcony; where we stay for 4 nights.

That is how big the Majestic Hotel pools in both side, and a children pool next to one of them. The area is most probably the biggest among other hotels.

The Majestic Hotel Sunny Beach Bulgaria

The Majestic Hotel Sunny Beach Bulgaria

If you come to Bulgaria to enjoy the ocean and relax then you will not be disappointed; you’ll get it there. Place is peaceful, and there are lot’s of fun to do at night. Whether it is just fun on the street, fun watching shows at some selected club, fun from each hotels daily night program, etc. You will enjoy it there; but of course not every place brings just nice memories. There are also some crazy-funny ones.

Sunny Beach Bulgaria

Sunny Beach Bulgaria

What to expect during your stay in Sunny Beach Bulgaria? In general:

* Food

Here is the thing about their food whether it is Hotel restaurant or in any other restaurant; we observed that they like to over-cooked food. I meant literally burned; almost like a charcoal. It’s sad, because the place is so beautiful, but you can’t really expect more when it comes to food.

My suggestion: Please try the street foods. It taste a lot better than restaurant food.


Cocktails are fine. Some of their non-alcoholic beverages taste awesome, but some taste really weird. The shakes are too sweet, so  I suggest you tried once first before getting into their happy hour, because it’s extremely sweet and you wouldn’t like to ruin you health while staying on the sea-side.

My suggestion : Avoid ordering non-alcoholic beverage called “Ice cream please” (which some of the bar misspelled Ice cream pleace) . The taste is really horrible and there isn’t even ice cream in it. But you can try of course.

*English Language

Here is the fact: They don’t speak very good English, which is expected. But what makes it uncomfortable is to speak to receptionist who badly speak English and will ended up into some kind of argument which you will never win anyway. (Giggles) Like for example when we do need to activate the safe in our room. We let them know that there is something wrong with the safe and we cannot use it. The receptionist says “I’m sorry Sir, but you need key. Can you come back tomorrow because the key of the safe are in the safe”.  Imagine? It’s just funny.

If you will be sitting in the bar,and you would like to order some cocktails; you’ll see more words which is misspelled.


If you are going to visit Bulgaria; I suggest you bring a lot of patience inside you because you will really need it. Some vendors or locals who wants you to enter their restaurant or wants you to try whatever they have in the offer, are just rude to costumers. We encountered many of them, and if we don’t have good control; we may be already in trouble.

We thought it was just around the beach but even at McDonald at the airport; acted the same.

My husband ordered a double cheese burger and fries because he was starving before we flew back here in Czech Republic. When he received his order, he opened the bag and saw that instead of double cheese burger; she gave him two pieces of cheese burger and instead of fries is this chicken McNuggets. My husband laughs instead of being pissed off. He did not care to tell her because he was starving and we are soon need to go to our boarding gate.

Few minutes after; the girl went to our table and says “Why you take it? It is not your food! I ask you?” (She was yelling and sounded so angry.) Everyone was looking to us. Can you imagine how rude she is?

We told her that it is her responsibility to remember her costumers order, but she says that it’s not her fault. Instead of apologizing for wrong food she gave my husband; she just made a great scene of everyone to watch.

I know my husband should have told her that she mistaken his order (we admit) but we never really encounter that attitude. She could have asked to pay for some extra if necessary; but instead she made scene and yelled.

*Taxi to airport

Okay, we tried to tell reception one day earlier before our intended check-out; that we will need taxi to the airport at around 6:30 in the morning. We have early flight we don’t want to be late and will encounter a huge crowd in the check-in area at the airport. On the day of our check-out at the hotel; we were waiting outside the lobby hoping that our taxi is ready. It was exactly 6:30 am when we checked-out; but 15 minutes has passed “No taxi”. My husband’s cousin went back to the reception and asked about taxi he booked day before. Well, as we expected. They didn’t do it! We ended up waiting again. The receptionist says to wait another 5 minutes; but taxi didn’t arrive 5 minutes it was anther 10 minutes before taxi shows up.

So, what I wanted to say is that; just make sure your receptionist did what you asked.


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